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Discussions on Prisoner of Azkaban "If Black can break out of Azkaban ..."

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Re: Do Boggarts become real whatevers?

Oh, what a beautiful mornin',
Oh, what a beautiful day.
I got a beautiful feelin'
Ev'rything's goin' my way.
There was the Door to which I found no Key:
There was the Veil through which I could not see:
Some little talk awhile of Me and Thee
There was -- and then no more of Thee and Me.

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Re: Do Boggarts become real whatevers?

let me start by pointing out that the cold feeling a dementor gives you (when it is sucking on the air, as if trying to inhale more than air) is different from the dementors kiss. read the book, dont watch the movie on this one, cause in the book, the dementor literally kisses you. it puts its mouth on yours and sucks out your soul. so, yeah, the dementors kiss is different from its usual manner of feeding.

that said, i think the boggart is a shapeshifter (kind of like Mystique from the x-men). it shapeshifts into your biggest fear (in harry's case, a dementor, in neville's snape, in hermione's a failing grade) and takes on the attributes of the thing it becomes (in harry's case, it replicates the sucking of happiness from you, in Neville's case snapes demeanor, in hermione's case it changes into her head of house, i.e. the person who delivers the grades). i dont think a boggart in the form of a dementor is actually and literally a dementor, i think it is just a copy (I.E. how in the maze the boggart dementor trips on its cloak. a real dementor wouldnt trip well, because it hovers for one, and two it wouldnt trip because it would detract from its presense), in this logic, a boggart dementor would not be able to perform the dementors kiss, becasue it is not a true dementor (like how the boggart in the form of McGonnagal can't actually fail hermione, since it isnt McGonnagal!) the boggart is a shapeshifter. whats a shapeshifter? something that can change its shape/form. (if i may draw on Marvel Comics again: Mystique is a shapeshifter, she can change her form so that she can look like any person. but there are other shapeshifters in Marvel comics, for instance Copycat, who can change her form on a genetic level and literally can become someone else, even so far as copying the persons powers if they have any, but she has to have had skin contact with them to do this. here are links to both mystique and copycat on the marvel website to read for yourselves. http://www.marvel.com/universe/Mystique and http://www.marvel.com/universe/Copycat ) hope that helps. also, keep in mind that if a shapeshifter were to shapeshift into you that you would cease to exist. it just makes itself look like you, and in fact you could walk into the room and cause confusion with everyone in the room, especially if it was pretending to be you. this is a common scenario to use with a shapeshifter, you have seen it in books and movies i am sure. so yeah, a boggart just takes the form of a dementor and replicates its powers, but it is not a true dementor, hence why it can trip.
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