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Prophecy results

Though we might have some fun figuring our accuracy and how we all did on our "prophecy NEWT's" I am taking the number of prophecy's made, subtracting prophecys unanswered (magic later in life etc.) then figuring the % from the ratio of remaining prophecies to correct predictions . . .

My Prophecies . . .
. Harry is NOT a Horcrux crow will be eaten! sadly wrong

2. Harry will survive the battle with Voldemort, (not saying that JKR won't let him die in some other way later in his life.) RIGHT

3. Severus Snape is true to the Order of the Phoenix RIGHT

4. There is more to the prophecy than we have heard wrong

5. Dumbledore is really dead RIGHT

6. Draco will join the good side NEITHER

7. The tiara in the RoR is a Horcrux RIGHT

8. Deaths:
Luna/Ginny WRONG - Harry will end up with whitch ever lives RIGHT
Peter Pettigrew RIGHT
Rufus Scrimjour RIGHT
Arthur Weasley WRONG (only because he got the reprieve)
Kreacher WRONG
Hagrid WRONG

9. Percy Weasley will reunite with his family and become the youngest MoM RIGHT (I was only joking at the end about the MOM LOL!)

10. Harry will have some form of communication with Sirius RIGHT

11. Arithmancy and Ancient Runes will come into play . . . Hermionie hasn't
spent all her time studying them for them not to be used! RIGHT

12. Nevil will take care of Belatrix WRONG (but I liked the way it happened still!)

13. Voldemort . . . something worse than death? I'm thinking some kind of
limbo, neither alive or dead, trapped inbetween forever not sure on this one, wasn't clear.

14. R.A.B. Regulus Black with help RIGHT

15. Filch will have magic in him after all! NOT ANSWERED

16. Madam Pince is Snape's Mother NOT ANSWERED

17. Albus Dumbledore has orchestrated the events leading to Voldemort's destruction. DEFINATELY RIGHT

total predictions =24
unresolved - 4
right/total 14/20
percentage 70%

Probably better than Trelawney!
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Re: Prophecy results

I am not sure how you did the cool thing with all of the different colored fonts, but mine are much more simple, I was wrong about everything except the locket lol.
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