A geam of something like triumph


Sherbet Lemon
Snark, I wish someday I will have the words knowledge like yours to put it so precisely.
I agree with most.
Here is what I have to say.
I dont take movies as the final reference. But I do take them seriously. Why?
Because there are ton of people who havent read any books. Nor they ever will.
For them movies is the best and only ways to follow HP.
If you assumed that the spider's venom has to do anything with the gleam of triumph in DD's eyes, then it would be very difficult to convince viewers of movie 7. Since they have never seen that spider, nor that sphinx.
JKR doesnt control the movies, but she constantly mentors them. You see they have to have JKR involved that way, because the book 7 has not come out yet. No one knows how the scenes from other 6 books will play out in book 7. WB and directors of these movies have run the scripts through JKR and she has made many changes in them.
I am sure she wouldnt want them to miss that spider, if its venom was to play a huge roll later....... :D


Time Turners
I have to come in on the side of CC on this one. I don't think that there is anything missed out in the films upon which the plot will ultimately depend and if the spider venom were to be crucial in the downfall of Voldemort then JKR would have ensured that it was in the film.

There are three groups of HP fans, those who just read the books, those who just watch the films and those who do both. The final film must reach the same conclusion as the final book and there must be a logical progression of events in both mediums that allow that to happen. The significant facts may be presented in different ways in each medium but they must be presented. The final film will not end with Voldemort dead and Harry saying to another character "I do not know how he died, but hang on I bet it was to do with that spider that bit me three films ago but I forgot to mention it at the time."


Time Turners
How about another twist to the gleam in Dumbly's eyes.

Remember Voldy could not touch Harry before because his mother's love was protecting him.

Now Voldy gets Harry's blood, and now he can touch Harry.

Could it be possible that now, Voldy has some of Lily's love in him as well? and therefore he can already touch Harry. In this case, the protection of Lily's love extends not only to Harry's body, but also all the way inside Voldy - not to protect Voldy but to destroy him from inside (or to protect Harry when Voldy is about to do something bad to Harry).

I remember Dumbly mentioned that one of Harry's power is love.

In the Goblet of Fire, while Voldy was explaining things to the death eaters, he mentioned something like "look at me being all nostalgic", instead of just killing Harry outright, he seemed to babble a lot first. So is it really Voldy trying to explain everything to his death eaters, or was it Lily's blood protection delaying Voldy from doing something nasty to Harry?

Sirius Potter Fan

Night Patroll
I realy don't think that had anything to do with Lily's blood in Voldemort's body. Cruel and evil people quite often prolong the death of an adversary. They enjoy drawing out the "inevetible". They enjoy their enemy's fear . . . much like the way a cat will continue to toy and torture a mouse that can no longer run before finaly eating it . . . or . . . leaving it on your bed as a gift:p


Time Turners
SPF, I think you misunderstood me. Lily's love in Voldy and not her blood. Voldy symbolizes hatred and now strong love could be flowing within him... he could touch Harry, but maybe he could now not destroy Harry.