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In response to a question in the F.A.Q. “about me” section on her site,
Will you put Americans/characters of other nationalities into the books?

JKR’s reply in short was no, but the last sentence kind of got me . . .

JKR said:
If anyone wants to write about American wizards they are of course free to write their own book!

I am not educated on copyright laws in the least, but I had always thought that using themes present in another author’s work is considered infringement? But . . . does that public statement give others the right to do just that? Anyone here well versed in copyright laws?


I bet she was just remarking that she is writing about British Wizards.
We are free to write a book (not based on her characters) about witches and wizards in America. I am sure she would not want us to write a book like hers though.