Blue Flames?


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Well if blue flames, death and Snape come hand in hand - it could have been a shadow of Snape's eventual destiny - to kill Dumbledore ...
They say death follows certain people and given Snape was once a Death Eater - had a big part in the death of Lily and James and then eventually he kills Dumbledore - perhaps that blue flame will burn for him next and perhaps we should look for a blue flame and Snape in close proximity on book 7 - because that could be the clue that Snape is about to kill or be killed!


Time Turners
Yup, that one was mentioned. I think I might have an explaination why blue flames are used around ghosts... maybe it makes them appear better? There are several references saying that the ghosts become almost invisible in bright, clear light, so maybe blue light makes the whiteness of them seem clearer. And the lack of oxygen seems really interesting!!
Hermionie "scooped it up" she could have been using the bell jar . . .(and a flame in a jar would have no oxygen would it?) WOW! so many possibilities . . .
good one SPF!! And don't forget that regular flames can have blue bits in them, they're just the hottest part of the fire.