Closing in!!!

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OK guys its July the month we'v all been waiting for.
the moment of truth
all the time wev spend discussing possiblities and this MONTH we will all find out how close we were. i know it still seems quite a way away but its really not now. the 21st of july is closing in.

all looking forward to the 13th to get us in the proper potter mood.

how are u feeling.

worried about a let down ending, excited, nevous or sorrowfull its the end, the worst day will be the 20th, sorta like xmas xams eve


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I think the thing I "worry" about the most is that we will have figured out so much of what will happen that it will be "spoiled" not entirely I know, but I fear that the joy may be lessened as things won't be such a suruprise . . . of course, said setback may be outweighed by the shouts of "YESSSSS! I WAS RIGHT!" Aproaching the last book, I am mixed with my feelings. Very excited to see how things work out, but also so sad to see all the fun end. I know that there will be things come up in the final book that will have us going back and rereading while saying "I can't believe I missed that!"

I'm looking forward to the movies, although I agree they are sadly lacking in comparrison to the books, it is still like a "quick re-read" and of course it's allways interesting to see how the directors imagination has compared with mine!


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Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting...

This being the month of the release makes these first weeks the worst. To long!!

I always love the last night: Christmas eve, the night before something important- and this is no exception. The night of the 20th I think I will be camped out by the Barnes and Noble waiting for 12:01!

Really ready to finish this,

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Last week on another thread someone said there was a character written out of the film, who was then written back in based on JKR's suggestion that they would be important in Book 7. My brain fired - who can it be? Why are they important? And so it was for about 24 pleasant speculative hours. Then it was posted who it was. My enthusiasm subsided immediately.

I hope this wont be the case come July 23rd or so.

This website, and these types of thoughts have been a sustaining friend throughout the last year. All that will change shortly.

I am excited, but a touch of melancholy reamins for what will be lost.

Ugh, I just hope she pulls it off.

If she does, then, woo hoo. a damn good read, there waiting, whenever I want it (although I'll probably give it a rest for a few years). If not, then, hey, 6 cool books isn't bad.

Ah, 'Better than the act, better than the aftermath; the moment of... anticipation'.

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DW said:
Ah, 'Better than the act, better than the aftermath; the moment of... anticipation'.
very well said! I do think that some of us (myself included) are nearly frightened that after all of this anticipation . . . years of anticipation . . . that there is a possiblity that we could be dissapointed in the end . . . But if it doesn't dissapoint, if it turns and twists its way through a virtual rollercoaster of plot, with the biggest plunge saved for the end . . . what a shining experience it will be!

I have said before, we are a privilaged generation, to have grown up (or just a little older) with Harry. We have studied his exploits with no idea of how it will end. WE have had to wait, and in so waiting speculate, on the contents of upcoming books. What a party it has been! Most all who begin reading the Harry Potter series after this point, will do so with at least some idea of the plot as a whole, not just from talk of the books, but from the movied as well . . . I know it won't happen, but, wouldn't it be great if Rowling didn't allow a film of DH! Just think . . . the only way to experience the end is to have to read it the way she wanted it, not the end the way a film director sees it!


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For me - I have mixed emotions ...
Having been a HP nut for such a long time then having the whole uprooting life from one continent to another, I have been a little bit slack on my reading of the books, posting on the forums etc.
I have spent a good many years speculating on how it will all end - in a few weeks time I will find out how wrong I was - or just maybe how right I was!
It will be a sad day because we know it is the end - but it will also allow for closure on something I have been consumed with for a few years now!
I would be happy that any of my large theories come to be reality.

It is going to be exciting but also sad - but I know we will be debating for a while longer after all is said and done!

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Alz, is there any chance you could set up a thread where we could post our final, actual thoughts on what we truly think is going to happen? Our real predictions. Our 'large theories', and where we stand on RAB, Harry dying etc?

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I think what some are wanting is what I talked to you about earlier, just where we can all put our collection of predictions on several of the major issues before the book comes out, and then look back and see who got what right . . . in other words, a forum where we do not discuss or argue about other posts, just post once with our final predictions.

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sorry about this guys, i thought id use one of my own threads rather than spoiling any one elses or startin a new one but..............

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