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I was just browsing in my excitement and was looking on the dustcover and saw that for some reason Harry doesn't have a scar. Every artist has been very careful to put harry's scar in a visible part of his forehead in every other dustcover... I was just wondering what you guys thought. could this be a clue as to how harry will defeat voldemort, or whether or not a horcrux lies inside of the scar harry bears?


Time Turners
Interesting... I just looked at OoTP and HBP dust covers and his scar is not very noticible on those images of Harry. On HBP you could argue that it's not even there just odd strands of hair. I don't know, could just be artistic interpretation or sometime else. But as I have said in other thread I don't think someone as full of love as Harry could be a horcrux. We'll see in a few more weeks.

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I have thought long and hard about the scar in the past - the way it is discussed sometimes, such as malfoy pinning so much on him having a scar, and Harry himself saying it is the only part of him Dumbledore cares about in OotP, lead me to question what it symbolises.

I think it marks him as the chosen scourge of the tyrant that threatens the world. Harry is the bolt of lightning thrown to kill the enemy.

I'm not sure that the scar is missing from the cover, but if it were, then I think it would show that Harry's mission was completed.
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I remember JK saying the scar is important but it is not the shape that is so important. She didn't elaborate any further on it though.

I am still leaning toward Harry possibly being a horcrux. It could very well be in his scar. (or I could be far off)

I will have to check out the covers again to see if I can see a scar.


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On the UK childs one - Harry has a visible scar - US cover there doesnt appear to be one but there is lots of hair there!
Of course, it could be that by the stage in the book the US cover depicts the scar could have gone - especially as it looks like an arena where Harry and Voldemort are battling it out.