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DIATSSISE theory aside, "Spinners End" could also relate to Snape. If it was Snape (not Snapledore) and he is evil, it meant that he would have to reveal his evil ways by killing Dumbledore (if Malfoy failed), and alienate himself from Hogwarts and most of the wizarding world. Or if he is good Snape, he would still have to kill DD ( if Malfoy failed) and alienate himself from Hogwarts and most of the wizarding world. It could be a clever peice of writing by JKR to keep us in suspense about whether or not we think Snape is evil, because by taking the unbreakable vow Snape either has to watch DD be killed by Malfoy or do it himself.

I am hoping that Snape is good, and the twitch of his hand when Narcissa adds the last part of the vow, is because Snape thought he was only going to have to swear to protect Malfoy, not to carry out the deed if he failed and so thought 'bugger, I'm either going to have to watch DD die or kill him myself, either way the OOtP will think I'm evil and most of the wizarding world will too!' (sounds a bit like he's put himself in a catch 22 situation to me).

I cant wait to read The Deathly Hallows and find out either way.

The DIATSSISE theory is well written but I just cant see why DD would have to impersonate Snape to spy on Wormatil, when Snape is a superb Occlumens/Legilimens anyway. Snape can 'interrogate' Wormatail, he is a spy for DD and the OOtP after all, and let DD now the outcome.
LV may have placed Wormtail with Snape because he did not trust Snape entirely and wanted him spied on to check he wasn’t working for the other side. WT isn’t the best death eater around so it wouldn't scupper LV's plans to have him not doing much.

Plus JKR may have wanted to keep Wormtail in our minds to remind us that he has a life debt to Harry and a hand that is apparently made from silver, which is a handy weapon against werewolves i.e. Fenrir Greyback..................
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Paintball's Final Harry Potter Theory

Since DIATSSISE would have been the perfect answer to the true ownership of the elder wand, I have posted my final Harry Potter theory on the DIATSSISE website.


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Painball, it really is a shame that you let your own theories about what would have made the book great interfere with your enjoyment of reading it. There was a lot of mystery in the series actually, if there hadn’t been then there would have been no need for all of the detailed analysis and theorizing that we have all been doing for so long. Just because your theory was incorrect (as were many others, including my own) that doesn't mean that the book wasn't worth the read. The only theories that matter at the end of any book are those of the author. Whether Science fiction, fantasy, or mystery. Part of the fun is getting involved in the story line, but if you are so determined that your theory is the only possible theory that you loss site of the author's own creation then you truly miss out on a fabulous read. Although I never put any of my theories into print I was wrong on quite a few of them...ok most of them. But that doesn't mean that the time I spend developing those theories and reading...and re reading the books was time that I wasted. I hope that you can step back from your own theories and one day re read the books with the sole intent of enjoying them.

Thanks for posting your theories by the way, I must say that while I didn't agree with them, I enjoyed reading them and all of the other theories posted...almost as much as I enjoyed the books themselves.

Sirius Potter Fan

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I too am sorry that you see your time with Harry Potter as wasted. Although DIATSSISE did not pan out the trap theories were mostly the right direction, so your ideas were good. I had a few things right, but, I was wrong in places too, and had believed adamantly that I was right till the book told me otherwise . . . Now I am respectfully eating crow! This is all in fun! The only prize at the end is'nt being right, it's having had a wonderfull adventure in this 7 book journey! And anyway . . . would it really have been fun to really know exactly everything that was going to happen in the end?


Wow Paintball you really feel that way?

The books were wonderful and yes I have to admit I was a bit disappointed here and there but I thought the last book was wonderful overall. JK wrapped up everything nicely and you learned that Dumbledore was indeed a bit more "human" than we realized.

I had a ton of theories myself and while some were spot on, other were not even close.

I hope you do go back a reread the books. Millions of readers have loved the books, both young and old. I am saddened to hear you think they are a waste of time.


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I am with you, you say it much better than I can put it into words. I can't say what I want to here because this isn't a thread that warns others of spoilers. I sent you an email though:) It may show up in your junk mail since I used hotmail.


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I am glad for all of your sake that you liked the book. To feel like me a person probably has to be a mystery genre fan. I will quote JKR herself on this:

"I love a good whodunnit and my passion is plot construction. Readers loved to be tricked, but not conned," Rowling says, warming to her theme. "The best twist ever in literature is in Jane Austen's Emma. To me she is the target of perfection at which we shoot in vain."
J.K. Rowling: The Wizard Behind Harry Potter 4 Tim Bouquet http://www.accio-quote.org/articles/2000/1200-readersdigest-boquet.htm

I feel conned even to the extent that I was conned into believing that she was even writing mystery. I don't feel the way I do because any of my theories were wrong. I love to be fooled by a good mystery writer. I have guessed very few Agatha Christie twist. I feel I was conned.