Did Dumbledore miss a Horcrux?

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Now that you mention it, it does make sense that it is the same one but where would the original one be? maybe it is in a hiding place if Voldemort did make it a Horcrux but where did he get it from in order to make it a Horcrux if indeed he did get his filthy hands on it to make it into one, and id say if thats the case then it probably would be in some kind of safe secret hiding place but as SPF said its only been mentioned twice so we havent got much to go on in where it could be or where he got it from..unless i missed something?

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Good thinkng, Hoggy. If it was a horcrux, then you're right - it would be hidden. Perhaps he hid it in the RoR as a student, then needed to get back to the school for, amungst other things, to retrieve it.

How long has it been since Molly saw this tiara?


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This could be a definition issue here - what is considered a relic and what is consider a past possession of Gryffindor.
We know that the hat belonged to Godric but it was his sword that was referred to as the relic right?
Slytherin had his locket, Helga her cup, Godric his sword and Ravenclaw ... umm escapes me for a minute - anyone want to chime in here?

So, I would say that any known possesion of Godric Gryffindor's that has survived to Harry's time would count. Anything surviving over 2,000 years would count as a relic, and of course, you would expect that objects that were "unique" to a person of importance would be treasured and passed down through generations. The sword would seem the most obvious object, but also the most protected . . . unless . . . but that's another thread. Suffice it to say though that were Voldemort/Riddle unable to get to the sword, that he would have found another relic of Gryffindor's to use.

If you think about all the "relic" trade of the Middle Ages, a relic was any object that pertained to an important religious figure (Jesus = parts of the cross, grail, nails, burial shroud, Martyr = body part, shred of clothing, etc.). So, I think that given the passage of time since the founders were around, any object that can be attributed to a founder is, by definition, a relic.


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Well, we have the locket on the loose - no longer hidden. Perhaps the tiara was hidden as was the locket and then through some unknown (as yet) story (akin to the RAB story), was removed from hiding and is now on the loose - in the ror or in molly's possession. If this is true the idea that the twins somehow got hold of it through a prank makes some sense especially as they are known to have roam of the castle in much the same way Harry does. They were the ones to instruct on how to get into the kitchens and gave harry his map.

One more thing...I think we were discussing the tiara back in march and it was GB who had posted at that time his previous posts on the tiara - his previous posts being chock full of incredible information and theories about it. I think it is in the thread about the ror - called 'I need a place to leave my book' or something like that.
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Well, this thread is about primarily the armor that was mentioned by Hepzibah, and is seen on the cover of the UK children's cover. It was mentioned at the same meeting where she told Riddle of the locket and cup.

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I've been thinking about the sorting hat's song in book 5.

It seems to think that it is a bad idea to divide the houses - and this theme runs throughout the big books - unity between the races/houses/levelss of blood 'purity'.

I've been wondering if perhaps there is another possibility as a horcrux in Hogwarts, one unconsidered, but omnipresent, and connected with the founders - the stool on which the hat sits.

All students sit on this four-legged stool, and are split assunder from their fellows. If this were a Horcrux, then a piece of the Dark Lord is there at the moment when each and every student is accepted into the school, and torn away from three quarters of their peers. Perhaps Hogwarts itself is a dividing force. Perhaps hogwarts will collapse in the last beek, as punishment for the detrimental role it has played in dividing wizard kind.

Urg, I need the new book, so these theories can stop going around and around, and instead I can ponder the implications of what is, not what may be.


Interesting thought.

I would think in some way they would have to be divided in order to have some competition such as quidditch and the house cup. Maybe a more random way to sort would be better than a personality sort? Or at least have the kids take classes together. A mix of each house in each class. I always liked that in a way it was a school within a school sort of. And you had a kind of second family within the school.

back on topic- It would be kind of cool if the stool was a horcrux. People are sitting on it every year and are none the wiser. (it would have to belong to someone significant though...