Did Snape really know?


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I have been thinking about the Spinner's Ends chapter. When I first read it I believed that Snape must have known Voldemorts plan for Draco, now I kinda think he was either guessing or using using legilimacy, trying to gain information about what was going on, and that wormtail was really there to spy on Snape for Voldemort. Has anyone else thought this or changed their minds about any other chapters now that we know the ending.


I think he was clued in on the whole thing from Voldemort. Out of all the servants I do think Voldy did trust Snape with a lot of info. I am trying to remember the chapter where it discussed everything regading Snape. It seemed ot pretty much say that Snape clues Dumbledore in on the plan for his death. I remember them discussing the fact that Snape should do the deed if need be because he didn't want Draco to be a murderer.


Time Turners
Snape told DD about the plot and Snape was even ordered by DD to kill him so the Unbreakable Vow was to prove to Bella, VM most loyal supporter, that he was theirs.

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yes, I believe that Snape did his job phenominaly well. Snape Had Voldemort completely fooled . . . the sad part is that we didn't get the oportunity to see Snape throw it in his face! Snape indeed knew what Voldemort had set Draco to do . . . most likely had given him the same order that DD had - to keep an eye on his activities. The trick for me was when Snape hesitated on the third part of the vow. It was slight, but enough to prove a point to us. A Snape loyal to Voldemort would have nad no reason to hesitate.