did you guys notice this?


Time Turners
now forgive me if im repeating another thread but i found this so amazing when i read over COS that i had to talk to you guys about it

okay, after a rainy quidditch practice harry is walking to gryffindor tower when nearly headless nick tells him to watch out for filch who is in a bad mood. sure enough filch finds harry and is going to give him detention for putting mud on the floor, (in filchs office is where harry finds the kwikspell course letter), however they are interrupted by peeves breaking something over head, this turns out to be the vanishing cabinet! which nearly headless nick convinced peeves to break to distract filch so harry wouldnt get a detention
i couldnt believe this when i read it, and i couldnt help wondering what would have happened if the vanishing cabinet hadnt been broken, then montague would never have been stuck in it, he wouldnt tell the slytherins about it and malfoy would have had to find another way to get the death eaters into hogwarts in HBP
i also cant help but wonder in horror what other important things ive skimmed over!


Time Turners
Hannah, do not feel badly, I have caught myself doing that twice now. You are making me feel better, I was beginning to think maybe I have some kind of a brain tumor restricting memory or something:)

Dr Winterbourne

Time Turners
I think it's a function of this 'post-modern' age we all live in, where we delve deeply into things - fantasy books, for instance - but our memories are not so strong.

I hope that book 7 manages to rely on something that we've all 'skimmed over,' but for some reason no one, not one of us, brought up.

Hmmm, really, that's not that likely, considering the amount of webpages devoted to all of this. But, with so much speculation abroad, so many thoughts having passed through all our heads, when we read that book, in a few long months, will we saw 'OOGH, I knew that! I guessed that years ago... Because, it's gonna be pretty hard for Her not to write about things that wouldn't already have been discussed here somewhere.


Time Turners
i cant believe how silly of me!
and piper im sure you dont have a brain tumor!
im sure everything we skimmed over will be relevant in the last book also!