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Did anyone else expect some kind of a twist where we had Malfoy infatuated with Hermonie? I just realized that was something that I had been expecting that really didn't play out, except that he did refuse to identify her, Harry and Ron.

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I think that was due to a burgeoning decency, after facing true evil, and not wanting to be a part of it.

They never said, but I wonder if he was head boy - he was at school that year, because it said that he went home for the holidays. Ah, but big V probably wouldn't want SSnape rewarding Lucius's son.


Time Turners
The only one that Draco Malfoy truly did not identify is Harry:

HP and the DH said:
"There's something there," he whispered, "it could be the scar, stretched tight...Draco, come here, look properly! What do you think?"
"I don't know," he said, and he walked toward the fireplace where his mother stood watching.

HP and the DH said:
"Wait," said Narcissa sharply. "Yes - yes, she was in Madam Malkins with Potter! I saw her picture in the Prophet! Look Draco, isn't that the Granger girl?"

HP and the DH said:
"But then, that's the Weasley Boy!" shouted Lucius, striding around the bound prisoners to face Ron. "It's them, Potter's friends - Draco, look at him, isn't it Arthur Weasley's son, what's his name - ?"
"Yeah," said Draco again, his back to the prisoners.


Time Turners
i was so glad when draco didnt identify them properly, it was obvious from the beginning of DH when he falls off his chair after watching the muggle studies teacher get killed, that he realised the dark arts arn't that great.

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Draco definately was disallusioned with Voldemort, but he fell short of the true redemption I was hoping for. He may have failed to identify Harry and tried not to identify Ron and Hermionie untill he had no believable choice, but he never actively helped them either, and that was what I was truly hoping for. Judging from the distance between Harry and Draco in the epilogue, I would assume that Draco still kept to his family's ways, superiority of purebloods.


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The whole Malfoy family basically were given some slaps in their faces.

Lucious Malfoy practically plays an elf to Voldemort. He is toyed around, and is treated like a squib by Death eaters. His ego as a wealthy Slytherin crashed to earth.

Narcissa plays a desperate woman who just wants to ride out the storm and see her son and husband alive at the end.

Draco is getting the worst. First he gets his reality dose from Voldemort about what he got himself into, and then he gets kicked around by our trio almost at the end, and then survives to exist like a lowly wizard.

I think this is one of things that is worst that death. living in humility. living with the guilt that you are alive despite of all your decisions in past have been faulty. living with the regret.