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Mathew 6:21 "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also"

DH: pg 326 "He read the words on the tombstone again. "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Surely Dumbledore had chosen them, as the eldest member of the family once his mother had died."

Dang....you know it was weird the first time I read those words in DH because they rang a bell, but I just dismissed it. Then, I just came across the passage in the Bible and a light bulb went off.

I have thought coincidence, but it is WORD FOR WORD and an exeptionally powerful passage in both texts. Dumbledore a believer....hmmmmm

Any thoughts?
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actualy there is another place in the book where scripture is, but i can't remember it right off, I posted it somewhere else on the board, but don't have time to hunt it down right now. I don't know that the reference is ment specificaly to bring DD out as a believer, but to show JKR's intent that the series is definately not meant to be "evil" or "satanic" She started that by making certain Hogwarts honored Christmas Holiday and Easter Holiday's (she could have easily taken the US's recent practice of changing them to Winter break and Spring break)


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I'm sort of torn in this matter.
On one hand, Dumbledore could be a believer.
But, more likely, he realizes the immense power Scripture has on people, and opts to leave a moving message on the graves. Believer or not, Dumbledore acknowledges the most important power one can possess is in love. Hence, the location of one's heart will lead them to their greatest attainable desire. Dumbledore, who only discovered the grief that the loss of family can bring when his mother and sister died, is more wary of the tightness with which what is in one's heart must be guarded. The quote shows his epiphany and leaves a permanent mark of the lesson learnt.