Dumbledore to Die!

Dumbledore to Die by end of book 6

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Prediction: Dumbledore to die by end of book 6
I it my belief and prediction that Dumbledore will die in during book 6 - The Half Blood Prince.
I think it will happen at the end of the book - and will be the cliff-hanger.

Evidence or Support
I cannot offer any firm details why I believe this.
I feel that he has to die in order to drive Harry forward with the correct motivations in order to complete a grim task that appears as if either Harry or Voldemort must die.
It is my belief that Voldemort will kill him.


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I voted no, because I dont think he will die until Book 7 and since that is going to be a far longer book we will be able to absorb the fall out and how his death effects everyone in the magical world. :D


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I voted yes simply because I think that would be such a shock and the ultimate cliffhanger for HBP to end with Dumbledore dead on the ground and Harry in shock. :eek: Talk about creating speculation!!!

I think Dumbledore has to die in the series and that seems like the perfect place!


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I voted Yes

Somehow I hate the thought of him dying anytime especially in book 6 but Blaise has got me convinced that Harry won't step up until Dumbledore's gone. So, I think book 7 will be Harry's book without dumbledore around :(


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I agree with Gini in that I think Dumbledore may die, but not until the end of Book 7.

Dumbledore is, now that he has lost Sirius, Harry's father figure. To take this away from Harry at this stage would leave him floundering, rather than helping him, I feel. He needs that consistency in order to defeat Voldemort and to fight evil through to the end of the Septology.


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I voted NO -


I hope Dumbledore never dies, but I have a feeling JKR is going to be quite ruthless in book seven. It will break my heart if she does.

EDIT: If he dies in book 7 it will be for a good reason. And I think will have a little to do with Hermione.


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So - Can I claim a gloat for this?

I know I didnt get the whole prediction right - but I got the core essence :D
Dont know why I am smiling - it was still a shock as to how it happened :(


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yeah yeah, Blaise ;)
you're cool. You've got the Inner Eye, it seems. :D lol.
:p good job, by the way. How'd you even guess?