Dumbledore's trust in Snape

Dumbledore trust Snape because of Lily Death

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Prediction: Dumbledore's trust in Snape
I it my belief and prediction that the reason Dumbledore trusts Snape is because Snape was left distraught when he found out the information he passed to Voldemort would lead to Lily's death.

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This is the big question - but why would Snape put his neck on the line for someone he hated and his wife who he considered a mudblood.
I think the reason Dumbledore trust Snape is because Snape is doing all he can to help Dumbledore/Harry fight Voldemort and passing information that is making it possible for them to better prepare.
Dumbledore trusts him because he knows that Snape would never have wanted to see Lily die and now she is - he wants to redeem himself.


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I think the reason Dumbledore trusts Snape is because Snape has been loyal to Dumbledore all along. Dumbledore took Snape under his wing when he was still in school. He saw Snape's intelligence and knew he was a loner. Maybe he thought that if he could break through the wall Snape lived behind, he could save one Slytherin from Voldemort. Snape was surely on the road to being a Death Eater and Dumbledore knew that, so he stepped in, showed Snape some compassion and love when no one else did, before Voldemort got a hold on him.

Dumbledore was like the father that Snape never had in his own father. That is why Snape was loyal to him and that is why Dumbledore trusted him.


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This is one of the tougher ones. I would agree with it, but I really like the theory that VM was limiting HIS kills because of the horcrux thing --thus the reason he asked Lily to "step aside". He had no problem with killing women, so that wasn't it. She was a muggle-born, so she is "less than worthy." And, I just don't buy him asking Lily to step aside because of Snape . . . what? Like he cares that it would hurt Snape's feelings. :rolleyes:

So, as such, Snape had reason to believe from day one of passing along the prophesy that Lily could be killed --- UNLESS he had absolutely NO idea that Lily was pregnant - not likely if he was "in love" with her. So, there you go. . .


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halliemei said:
would agree with it, but I really like the theory that VM was limiting HIS kills because of the horcrux thing --thus the reason he asked Lily to "step aside".

I dont' think the horcrux thing works every single time that you commit murder. Wouldn't you have to do complex spells and everything in order to create a horcrux of your soul? Because otherwise, all the death eaters would have bunches of horcruxes of their souls, too.

I'm not really sure about the Lily thing. I think there's something more to it than that. In my theory, i think Snape helped Dumbledore out in a really tight spot once--might have saved his life, even. For example, Dumbledore might have been a death eater, or have had experience when he was in a fatal situation against Voldemort before, and Snape came rushing in, saving his life & "turning" his back on Snape.

this is still an undeveloped theory, so i'm just blabbering. ;)


Sorry Alzy man.

I have to disagree and semi-expand on something Snuffles brought up.

I really think that there's more to it than that as well. Yeah, Harry told Ron & Co. that Dumbledore trusted Snape because of this.. yet at the time, it seemed too simple of a reason. If i remember right, Ron agreed to this and had an interesting shocked reaction to this pronouncement.

I guess I just have a really hard time believing that something so little as regret has led to Dumbledore trusting Snape implicitly. I guess that is his greatness speaking - that he gives people second chances and wishes to see the best in people - but then again, it may also have truly been his downfall.

Excuse the thinking out loud a bit here please.. I just think its a bit of skimpy reason on Dumbledore's part and isn't quite enough for me. That is all. :)


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I think that when Snape originally came to DD requesting he do something to protect Lily and DD then challenged him about James and Harry and Snape said to protect all of them reluctantly, was the first test. I think he trusted Snape in the end because Snape had proven himself time and again. It all started with him being distraugth that his telling of the part of the prophesy he overheard was going to put Lily in danger.


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Not to be smug, though I am being smug, I predicted in a message here Snape loving Lily 2 months before the book came out. I also forsaw the Locket in the same message.