Dumbledore's Watch

Well, apparently the number 12 pops up all over the place!

I have stared at the watch on JKR's site... has anyone managed to catch what it does when Peeves comes through? I don't know if she puts any clues on her site, but it is probably worth checking out!

I wonder if the watch is some sort of communication device for the order. We've never seen anyone else with one though...
One thing just hit me, and it's kinda out there, but here goes anyway. . .

maybe it's some sort of timer of significant events. Just looking at the two events we have seen it. first, right after Voldemort was nearly destroyed, and second, Just after his return was completely revealed to ALL.

Someone said we may not yet know all of the prophesy, so, could it have mentioned a set time from when Voldemort marked Harry as his equal to the time he again became powerfull, (a good reason why DD was always so shure that Voldemort would return) then maybe mentioned not a set time but a time comparison ( say for example, "the time from the Dark Lord's return to power, to his ultimate defeat will be one seventh the time of his dissappearance and hiding.") Like I said. . . kinda out there. Just trying to think of the significance of when we are told of him looking at it, and not so much as what it looked like. But of course he was thinking of "simple" time when he looked at it, first, Hagrid was late, just simple normal time. . . second, Telling Harry howlong he, Dumbledore, would be with Fudge before coming to talk with him. again, just simple normal time.

Now. . . have I confused everyone? :p
There is a thread on the site - i think started by CTS on the number 12- I would recommend you read that if you like the numbers game.
12 is important - because it is mentioned time and time again - and with the 12 hands in Dumbledore's watch - i wonder if that is the thing JKR is elluding to with the references?
I think if Dumbledore is capable of time travel - he would have some explaining to do to people - because even thou he couldnt change a lot of what happened - some things he could have stepped in with - found a way to change things slightly - afterall that is what Hermione and Harry did in PoA ... some things can be changed - you just have to understand cause and effect ;)
Wheezy said:
OK, I have wondered about this for some time, and I just decided to post it up to see if anyone has any thoughts. We are introduced to Dumbledore's unique watch in PS/SS:

PS/SS said:
Dumbledore gave a great sniff as he took a golden watch from his pocket and examined it. It was a very odd watch. It had twelve hands but no numbers; instead, little planets were moving around the edge.

It is mentioned again in OotP, after Dumbledore begins talking to Fudge:

OotP said:
Dumbledore pulled a watch with twelve hands from his pocket and surveyed it'…

Could there be something special about this watch, and if so, what is it? We know that Molly Weasley has the special clock in her kitchen, and I was wondering if this could be similar to hers?
What interests me a great deal after stumbling across this thread is that Ron now also has one!
Now then - that can't be a coincidence can it?