Erasing and the Modification of Muggle Memories


Tom Marvolo Riddle
Now, we know that wizards quite often find themselves having to modify Muggle's memories. We know that Lockhart also tries to perform this spell on Harry and Ron. However, what happens when a lot of running muggles have to be dealt with? For example, when Pettigrew killed all those thirteen people, there were a lot of loose muggles, as Fudge describes. Is there a kind of tool, like the guys in Men in Black have, that can make a load of people forget something very fast. Or do they have to gather all those who may or may not have seen something, and perform a charm on every individual? Any thoughts?
good question! It has been my impression that they are all individually charmed. I assume that when they know there will be many as in the event you mentioned, that they have several wizards who "detain" those needing modification, untill the persone with the knack for memory charms is available.
I agree with Sirius Potter Fan. There must have to do something individually to change muggle memories.

I dont think they have the men in black thing that could change memories of many people at once but maybe they do I have spell that could do more then one person at any given time.