favorite chapter


Time Turners
i have searched & can't find this in a thread , sori if there is one , i just wondered what everyones favorite chapters are , if they have one or two.

mine has got to be the princes tale it brought everything together & how snape redeemed himself .
and kreachers tale i loved this one too ,
i did like the flaw in the plan , but these are just the ones that stood out to me .

would love to know what everyone else thinks


Time Turners
chapters 4, 19, 33, & 34 are all terrific in my opinion----well-written and emotion-packed.....JKR at Her best....


I loved The Forest Again (I think that is what it is called) Harry seeing his parents and the Marauders and facing his death just moved me to tears.

I also loved The Prince's Tale.

Actually I did enjoy most of the chapters.