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OK, for the "official" record, here are my prophecies, in no particular order;)

1. Harry is NOT a Horcrux:p crow will be eaten!

2. Harry will survive the battle with Voldemort, (not saying that JKR won't let him die in some other way later in his life.)

3. Severus Snape is true to the Order of the Phoenix

4. There is more to the prophecy than we have heard

5. Dumbledore is really dead

6. Draco will join the good side

7. The tiara in the RoR is a Horcrux

8. Deaths: Luna/Ginny - Harry will end up with whitch ever lives
Peter Pettigrew
Rufus Scrimjour
Arthur Weasley

9. Percy Weasley will reunite with his family and become the youngest MoM

10. Harry will have some form of communication with Sirius

11. Arithmancy and Ancient Runes will come into play . . . Hermionie hasn't
spent all her time studying them for them not to be used!

12. Nevil will take care of Belatrix

13. Voldemort . . . something worse than death? I'm thinking some kind of
limbo, neither alive or dead, trapped inbetween forever

14. R.A.B. Regulus Black with help

15. Filch will have magic in him after all!

16. Madam Pince is Snape's Mother

17. Albus Dumbledore has orchestrated the events leading to Voldemort's destruction.
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Ok Goody what a great idea for a thread!

My Predictions:

1. Harry is not a Horcrux

2. The Trophy awarded to Tom Riddle for Special Services is a Horcrux so is the locket in GP.

3. The Death Eaters have nabbed Professor Threlawny there is more to the prophecy.

4. The Green Eyes significance will come from someone that Lily was related to in the Magical world.

5. Dumbledore set up the Potters thinking that in sacrificing them, he would rid the world of Voldemort.

6. Wormtail has been a double agent since before the Potters died. Working with Dumbledore.

7. R.A.B is the elder Reglus Black, not the Brother of Sirius.

8. The letters to Aunt Petunia only from Dumbledore were done in arranging for the bond of blood protection for Harry, I think she had to be there and accept him before the AK Kurse hit. I am going with a time turner for this.

9. I am sticking with Dumbledore is alive. I know, I know it's next to impossible....I think it will be far in the book before Harry knows, by then Harry will know about the set up, and Harry will not care that he is alive.

10. I am sticking with Snape is Evil, and was not on either side, wanted to rule it all.

11. I think we won't know Dumbledore is alive until he shows up and kills Snape.

12. I think Hagrid will die. And Neville but I will agree with Neville killing Bellatrix and maybe almost wiping out Voldemort first.

13. I think Harry will kill Voldemort

14. I think Harry may kill Dumbledore.

15. I am going with the cat lady for magical powers in later life.

And if there is a Scooby Doo Ending, of course Arthur Weasley will have to be Voldemort ;)

OOPS 16. I think Draught of the LIving Death was definately what was drank in the cave since it was mentioned in the very first potions lesson and all.
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My turn. I sat down and figured out what topics I'd like to set my store on, and here we go:

Two main characters (after all evil doesn't go after extras) who were killed who weren't planned ---- I'm thinking Fred and George. Man, I hope I'm wrong on that one.

Character with a reprieve ----- maybe Luna (which is why JKR never had to pair her)

Is Harry a horcrux? No, but his scar is!

Snape -- Good or Bad? Why did DD trust SS? I think he's on the side of the Order, and I think an Unbreakable Vow is involved. Not quite sure how it works, but I feel strongly that Snape knows/knew/heard the entire prophesy and has never told Voldemort. The memory of DD's didn't show Snape breaking in, and Trelawney's own recitation of that night has Snape busting in with Aberforth at the end. There's no way he only heard half.

Five remaining horcruxes ---- locket (in Kreacher's den), Helga's cup, something of Gryffindor's (which is part of my predictions) -- which I am claiming is the tiara, Harry's scar, and the last part in Voldemort.

Will Harry visit --
Godric's Hollow? Yes
Ministry of Magic? Department of Mysteries? Yes
St. Mungo's? No
Beaubatons? Durmstrang? Probably one or the other
Giants? No

Where is the battle on the US Cover? Hogwarts -- Chamber of Secrets
Where are the trio in the UK Cover (Kids)? Gringotts
What dragon is on the US Deluxe cover? One from Gringotts

Will Harry go back to school? Ron? Hermione? Yes (reluctantly), Yes, Yes

How are these important?
Kreacher -- has the locket, can be used to find/get horcruxes (as RAB did)
Fawkes/Phoenix references -- now Harry's, Harry will rise from the ashes like a Phoenix
Veil -- Harry will have to go behind it somehow (with Luna's help, I think)
Sirius' Mirror -- this is harder. Since JKR was okay with it being left out of the OotP movie, I have to assume it has no real use
Lily's/Harry's eyes ---- just thought of today that perhaps it's when Snape looks into Harry's eyes that he somehow softens b/c they're Lily's eyes. He'll finally not see James when he looks at Harry, but rather Lily
Grindelwald? Dumbledore's scar? No idea
Wormtail's Life Debt? Clearly WT will have to give up his life for Harry
Weasleys' Life Debt to Harry? I think it'll be paid by one of the parents (probably Molly)

What's in the locked room in the Department of Mysteries? JKR said Love, but I think it's bigger than that. I've written essays on it but I see it as righteousness (sacrificial love)

What's up with Petunia? Who was "that awful boy?" I think this is somehow about Snape (who had visited Lily prior to the "mudblood" thing). Not sure beyond that. Can't wait to find this out.

Will Harry die? Will Harry end the book alive? Yes, and Yes. Again, the phoenix references are just too prevalent not to be useful.

Who was at Godric's Hollow "that night"? Will we see it? Wormtail (polyjuiced as Sirius -- that's how noone knew that Sirius wasn't the secret keeper), Snape, and --- I just don't know who took VM's wand. We'll see that night as a memory -- either Harry's (which is my prediction, once Hermione figures how to get memories out for the pensieve) or Snape's.

Were all the time turners really destroyed? yes

What did the Potters do for a living? Don't have any idea

What has been mentioned "in passing" in th books that still hasn't come back that will? That triumphant gleam in 4, draught of the sleeping death

What does the prophesy really mean? Just what we know.

Who lives to a ripe, old age and has tons of kids? Ron & Hermione, Harry & Ginny (if there's any justice in the world).

There are tons of fire references. And, I think Alchemy will be involved. I know nothing about alchemy so I don't know how.

If I think of anything else prior to Wednesday night (when I'll abandon the internet), I'll add it.
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Ok, here we go folks.....
My side of the predictions.......

- One or more of Weasleys have to be dead. They are just too many. It just cant be Ginny, because she will make babies with Harry in future, and I sure hope Ron survives to marry Hermione.
- At first Hagrid and Lupin looked pretty vulnerable, but now I am thinking it has to be Lupin, to complete the Marauder cycle.
- Ton of DEs including Bellatrix and Voldemort himself. At first I wanted to see Voldemort lose his powers and just become a muggle. But it is just too cheesy.

- Nagini, Locket, Cup and another artefact. I am almost sure that the last remaining object would some thing of Ravenclaw's. Voldemort using a Gryffindor artefact for Horcrux just doesnt make sense for me.
- Harry is definitely not Horcrux (Sorry Alz). Despite our conversations over the fuzziness on that fateful night at Godric's Hollow, I think JKR will stick to her facts and ignore the possibilities otherwise.
- I have protested any other items being horcruxes, like that door knocker, the cloak, and the wand and etc. I will stay put. discussions were fun, but those things were just too open.

- I think you cant say he is good or bad. He will end up dead. We will find that he and DD did have some hidden plan.

Book covers:
- The dragon shown on adult cover will somehow aid Harry, or trio reach somewhere or escape from somewhere.
- childrens' version shows Gringotts. I think one of the horcruxes are at the Gringotts.

I dont think any debts will be involved. This topic is never brought up too importantly by JKR.

I dont think Petunia will have any major roll. I think she may flip her personality a bit to be good to Harry, but anything more than that is just not making sense.

Wormtail must not die. I want him to live with the misery, and feel left out of Marauders. I want him to miss James, Sirius, and Remus. I want him to live a life of exactly what he is, A RAT.

I think Hermione, Nevile, Luna, George, Fred, Bill, Tonks, Mad eye, Ginny, Molly, Arthur, Minerva, Hagrid and last but not the least, Harry shall survive the battle........

I am doubtful about Ron, Lupin, Charlie, Percy, and some classmates of Harry.

I hope Harry kills Voldemort, finally surviving a gruesome battle.

I dont think Sirius will be ignored. He is dead for good, but he will have somekind of input.
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1) Snape is the one who gets the reprieve and lives
2) Luna somehow has the Ravenclaw horcrux (possibly her mom had it and died trying to destroy it)
3) Harry is a horcrux and Snape knows how to get it without killing Harry in the process. (Ultimate trust will go into this)
4) We will see Sirius again
5) Ginny will go on the horcrux finding mission with the trio
6) Harry will live and go on to be a champion quidditch player
7) Ron and Hermione will finally get together Harry and Ginny will stay together.
8) DD's porttrait will shed a lot of light on the night of his "murder"
9) Draco will not survive
10) Of course Good will triumph over evil and Harry will defeat Voldy
11) Dumbldore had a lot of secrets and witheld a lot of important info.

**Oh yeah the Order member we haven't properly met will be Aberforth and we will learn a lot about DD from him!**

** I have a bad feeling Lupin will not make it to the end of the series**


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Okay wild speculation time and my personal hopes

- Percy will die saving Harry or one of his family.
- Lucius will die at the Hands of Draco ( I imagine a big insult feast from Lucius on
how useless Draco is)

- Diary
- Ring
- Voldemort
- Goblet
- Locket
- Tiara
- Nigini
Harry is not a Horcrux

-Good, and we find out why Dumbledore trusts him

- She knows Snape and all about the wizarding world

- Will be forced to go against Voldemorts orders and Voldemort will realize the life

Harry vs Voldemort
- I don't think he will actually kill him. I think somehow Voldemort will try another
AK and it will backfire again and destroy himself. Harry will live and marry Ginny.

- Will communicate with Harry by mirror or veil, and Harry will take comfort
knowing he has been reunited with his friends James and Lily.

- Will remind Harry of Love, Purity and goodness and he will refuse to kill
Voldemort. She and Neville will hook up, or at least be good friends.

- Will turn to the good side and kill his father.

- Will come to Harry and claim Harry as his new owner.

Magic late in Life
- Aberforth (don't know why)

- Will be found

- will fight Bellatrix

- Find out what his watch means

- Will be able to do outstanding and complicated magic and cast a spell that will
cause Voldemorts AK to backfire.

Here is to a Happy ending


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OK - here goes, although pretty much all of my well tuned theories are planted throughout here ;o)

- HiaH: Stand by that one, be it he is or his scar is one - couple of years of debate
- DiE: Stand by this one - I have to because of all those years of debate!
- Luna's Mum is important - Luna, Luna, Luna - soo important here!
- Neville's parents are important - I suspect betrayal here as well
- Harry and Voldemort die - Harry survives (see HiaH)
- We will be in the Chamber of Secrets
- We will see the DoM
- Snape will be killed but we will find out he was good after all
- The prophecy was not complete
- Dumbledore was upset about his part in the Potters death when he drank the potion
- ouroboros is the key - Harry/Voldemort/Nagini
- Nagini will consume the dead body of Voldemort - see above
- Neville will die maybe after killing Bella or be killed by Bella - this isnt happy ever after!


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Well here’s my ideas for what they’re worth. I’m a sucker for a happy ending so I refuse to believe in HiaH, Harry’s death or the loss of a Weasley twin!

Harry returns to Dursleys as he promised to DD – Revelation about Petunia. ‘Horrid Boy’ is shown to be Snape. More clues/confusion to Snapes character!

Fleur and Bill Wedding – Lovegoods there (they are neighbours). Ravenclaw object discovered to be Horcrux. Relevance of Luna’s mother revealed.

Gringotts – Major scenes here. Loved the post which suggested the dragon came from here – I’m going to go along with that one.

Hogwarts – They have to go back to school. Feel that the graveyard here will play a part. Also, DD portrait.

Godric’s Hollow – Trio + Ginny go here. Mystery of Vanishing cloak and who was under it. I can’t make up my mind on this one - was Polyjuice potion used? Was is Sirius/Hagrid/Snape/DD here on the night Potters were murdered under the cloak? Looking forward to some answers here!

Deaths – Percy (But will redeem himself first), Hagrid, Neville (But takes Bellatrix with him), Wormtail, Lupin (please let me be wrong), Snape.

Reprieve – Draco.

Snape – Was on Order’s side all along. Find out why DD trusted him, but Volde kills him.

R.A.B. – Regulus Black, Sirius’ brother with Kreacher forced to help him get Horcrux.

Kreacher – Sorry Hermione, but hope he gets his comeuppance!! We all know he’s going to be important in the final book but I just don’t know what he’s going to do.

Hooray, less than 36 hours to go………..


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Just though of one more today.

- I think the initials stand for a group of two or more people like DA or OOTP. Regulus Black JR or Sr just seems to obvious.


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Just though of one more today.

- I think the initials stand for a group of two or more people like DA or OOTP. Regulus Black JR or Sr just seems to obvious.
Given the absence of Regulus in OoTP film - I would be prepared to throw a $ on that one as well - we know if needed two people to get the locket...


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my final predictions

i have been very good and only taken a sneak peak at the chapter titles (i couldnt help myself, but my predictions arn't based on that. so here we go, i cant even express the amount of excitement i feel knowing that what i have been waiting for, for 9 years is finally here!

snape works only for himself

dumbledore and lily arranged something that resulted in that night on halloween

we will learn something a bit more personal about voldemort, most likely concerning merope or when he was known as tom riddle

harry will get help from those who knew voldemort when he was at school, moaning myrtle is my main guess

harry will NOT die and is not a horcrux though he will make a sacrifice that ends in voldemorts death

voldemort becomes a ghost

neville becomes the teacher at hogwarts

filch does magic late in life


and the deaths, i think will be

lupin and wormtail (only because the rest of the marauders are dead as well)

arthur or molly weasley (for the sadness factor)

bill or fleur (on the wedding day for the tragic/sad factor)

voldemort (duh)

another member of the order of the phoenix so hagrid, mcgonagall, mad-eye or tonks


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Re: my final predictions

I've still got my fingers crossed that Harry and Voldemort finish each other off. ;)

"Neither can live while the other survives..."

But BOTH can be dead. :D


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Re: my final predictions

The neither can live while the other survives confuses me.

Harry lived while Voldemort continued to survive all of this time.


Re: my final predictions

My guesses

Snape is on the good side.

Harry is a horcrux and Snape knows how to remove it without killing Harry. This will be the ultimate in trust for Harry as he must have Snape do this in order to finish off Voldy.

Luna has the Ravenclaw horcrux. (Her mom died while experimenting with it and the horcrux killed her)

Dumbledore lied about something huge and had a deep regret about this.

Harry and Ginny will get back together. Ron and Hermione finally get together.

Something bad will happen at the wedding.


Lupin - I hope not though

A Weasley (not sure which one)

Possibly Hagrid


I think Snape was intended to die but he got the reprieve.


Time Turners
The adventure begins before they ever leave Hogwarts. DD has left a message for Harry that shows up after the funeral - leading them to Goderic G's "Chamber of Secrets"

7 Horcruxes:
1) Voldy
2) Diary
3) Gaunt ring with Peverell crest which will turn out to be Ravenclaw's
4) Hufflepuff cup
5) Slytherin Locket
6) Tom Riddle's award
7) Nagini - was supposed to be something of Gryffendor's to commemorate the murder of Harry, but that wasn't possible.

Draco or Percy will knowingly sacrifice (kill) himself to destroy the remaining Horcruxes, making LV mortal. (Carries them through the curtain?)

Someone else, who is an animagus spider, knows the full prophesy - maybe Slughorn.

Draco, Hagrid, McGonagal, Luna, Snape, Percy.

Umbridge is secretly working for LV
Goderic's sword will be able to kill dementors.
The basilisk Harry killed in COS was Salazar Slytherin.

Regulus Black and Kreacher stole Slytherin's locket from the cave, and Kreacher knows where it is.

Neville lives to teach herbology.

Wormtail kills Greyback to save Harry. This frees Lupin. He and Tonks rebuild a unified Hogwarts.

Arabella Figg is DD's sister.

Hagrid goes out in a glorious blaze of magic.

Grawp kills LV by sitting on him. :D (Just seeing if you're still reading)


Sherbet Lemon
Grawp kills LV by sitting on him. :D (Just seeing if you're still reading)

I fell down laughing literally.......
good one Rory.......

I would actually be glad to see that happen.......
And yes, I read the whole thing.....