Goblet of Fire Movie Reviews


Sherbet Lemon
I wil go home and watch my dvd again. I never saw that flame changing into phoenix. But if that was not mentioned in books, I would dis-regard it.
but oh my....... Voldemort cant look any more perfect. what an excellent show...
I cant wait till OOTP comes out. We still have almost an year to wait.


AHA I have found out what it is. See in the movie, when Drumstrang ship comes out of the water, and a huge sail snaps open, the drumstrang logo of a huge Bird, like a falcon or something is on it. That is the same bird that takes shape at the end of that flame.
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Umm - kinda but not - the flames looked a lot like a phoenix and considering it was done with flames ... I am pretty certain that was the intention ...
Not sure that is relevant in the big scheme of things but more of an observation ...