Half Blood Prince Film: Love it or hate it?

HBP Film - what did you think?

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Well, after what seemed like an eternity - the Half Blood Prince film released today and like many other Potter fans, I was in line for the midnight opening!

So, how did I find it?
Overall, I actually liked it - as a Potter film it stayed close to the book (I didnt say true!) and actually quite a number of elements of the books made it into the film. As a standalone flim, there was plenty there to keep a Potter fan engrossed ... by the 6th installment die hard fans should know what to expect of the films (and what not to expect) and I dont think HBP was any worse but certainly played out better than some.

- The overall play of the film was right to make a decent representation
- The little things from the book they included - Luna's lion hat made me laugh - sometimes it it the little things!
- The limited memories they did share - I thought were well done, young Riddle was cool
- The cave scene and sequence, very well done
- Snape & Malfoy (Rickman and Felton), great acting
- Lavender/Ron/Hermion, I thought this was done well
- Harry/Felix/Slughorn/HagridAragog scene
- Post Dumbledore's fall, the students in the courtyard
- Spinners End - I loved the fact that made it

- Speed of the events in the last 20 minutes
- Christmas scene (still cant work out what they were trying to do - apart from waste valuable screen time that could have been used on memories etc)
- No big flight scene at the end
- Confrontation between Snape and Harry post killing was too flat, not charged with the emotion
- Tower was too rushed, not enough time to really get into the deep emotions involved by all (Draco, Harry, Snape, Dumbledore).
- Not enough memories - I would have cut the 10 minutes Christmas scenes and instead make 3, 3 minute memory reviews
- Weak ass way they tried to explain Half Blood Prince - one line, delivered in a rush by Snape (good luck if you never read the books!)
- No funeral - my understanding is it will be in first Deathly Hallow film?

- Harry/Ginny/Room of requirement, like hello - cause a plot hole for next film!
- No backstory on Riddle/Voldemort via memories - how the heck are film only people to know how Harry is suppose to track down the Horcruxes
- Blowing up Weasley's house???? (This one part bugs me most - more because it was wasted screen time which could have been used well!)

Overall, I understand why die hard fans would revolt - but I think anyone which is a die hard fan knows by now what to expect and if you thought differently - not sure what you were reading leading up to it.
Enjoy the film for what it was, enjoy what they actually got in there and also the fact they gave it a good run time ... feel sorry for non readers who watch the film, are probably well confused now and never really get to see what the magic is about!

I will give it 8 out of 10 and I am going back to see it again and also again in IMAX - my expectations have been setup such that unless the movie was a complete departure, I will still enjoy it because it helps get Potter out to the bigger audience and may inspire others to read the series.

My last reflection - Warner have opened up to a two part finale ... that is awesome as hopefully a majority of the material will make it onto the big screen ... problem is, only a true Potter fan/reader will appreciate it because much of the story and plot has been removed from the films - the full wrap up of Deathly Hallows will be redundant to them.
All the same - Bring on 2010!!

Peace out - miss you all!