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Ok, i was thinking as i was re-reading DH that maybe another (not the main) but another reason why Harry survived the 2nd last and the last AK that Voldemort shot at Harry was also attributed to the fact he was owner and/or in possession of the 3 Hallows ( i dont know if anyone else had said anything like this as i couldnt find anything) but anyway he owned and had possession of the Cloak, he owned the snitch that had the ring in it so in turn he practically owned the Ring too and had it on him now even though he wasnt in possession of the Wand he was still master of it so he owned that too and what could have made him Immortal wasnt just the fact he owned these items but the fact that he was willing to die for the "Greater Good" made the 3 Deathly Hallows work for him even stronger to make him Immortal and helped him survive so what i mean is because he owned the 3 DH and was willing to die he was Immortal not because he just owned the 3 DH or not just because he was willing to sacrifice himself but because of both 2gether now add that to all the other reasons he survived and he had it made lol :D... but anyway thats just what i thought when i read DH again but as i am not finished it a 2nd time round i could change my mind lol.. what do you guys think?


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thats the funniest ramble ive ever heard but i get what your saying, the three hallows are supposed to make you 'master of death'


Time Turners
I think when you lose fear of death it becomes more welcoming. Kind of like knowing your destination so you just sit back and enjoy. There's a paralell to this idea in a movie called Big Fish. When he looks into, funny enough, a witch's eye and see his own death he does not fear it anymore.