Harry's Mission


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We saw Harry complete his first mission wonderfully. I guess this was my favourite part of book 6, seeing Harry undertake his first mission successfully.
He was cunning, manipulative and forceful in all the right ways - although essentially under the influence of drugs.

I think that his next mission he will be able to do with out Felix Felicis though. He knows how to, he just needed the courage to do it, and by using FF and having the luck to get it done, he gained the courage.

His next few missions will be a lot tougher. Seeking and destroying the Horcruxes. I believe the seeking part will be the easiest for Harry, which I am sure Dumbledore realised when Harry brought him the memory. Finding their locations will be easier than actually getting to them, and past any traps Riddle set up along the way.

What I am wondering, is if Harry will destroy them as he goes, or will he keep them as trophys and destroy them all together?

Wait...if Harry is a Horcrux himself...then all he has to do is collect the remaining Horcruxes and keep them on himself then kill himself and Voldemort at the same time.

Whadaya think if that, ay?


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I think Harry's use of Felix Felicis was just another step toward his ability to deal with things on his own. He learned by using the potion what having a positive, "I can do anything" attitude can do for you, not only through Harry's use of the potion, but Ron's improved Quidditch abilities when he only thought Harry had slipped him the potion.

As for his missions - I think he will come along with them rather well, once he realizes that he is the proud owner of number 12 Grimmauld Place, and in possession of the horcrux that Regulus took from the cave. Hopefully, Mundugus didn't steal whatever Regulus used to hide that bit of Voldemort's soul in - or it didn't get chucked out by Sirius during his purging of number 12 before he died.


Just one quick thought, if Harry was a Horcrux himself, then why would Voldemort want to kill him. By killing Harry he would be killing a part of himself.


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I definitely think that he realizes the seriousness of what is going on and will remain focused on the next missions to find and destroy the horcruxes. I think he will destroy them along the way so there is no chance of them getting into the wrong hands.


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I agree that Harry will destroy them along the way- for the same reason Boingy! And an interesting point brought up by Fort- what if Mundungus stole it? It could be half way around the world in the black market! It could be anywhere! Or could it be the same necklace that Katie Bell was cursed with?


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I think Harry will destroy as he goes - he wouldnt want to go to the trouble of collecting them all to then have someone or something take them back ...
I think he will systematically work his way through them - I think he will also need his 2 best friends to help - maybe not directly while he is out doing it - but putting all the clues together etc will be a big task - getting to know where they are - now to bypass the protections etc
This will of course place both of them under great threat - but they will want to help Harry no matter what - and as we have seen throughout the books - it requires the ability of all three of them combined to solve the mysteries ...

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do u think that ff actually does anything. or just makes u feel lucky. i think harry will find clues from each horcrux that will lead him to the next one
he will destroy them as he goes but keep them once desroyed like dd kept the ring with the crack down it


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Would make it far too simplistic no - go swig some FF and then go find horcruxes ... and then a little more to get passed the defenses ... you might even wonder perhaps why Dumbledore didnt use any when he found the cave ... or went to rid the horcrux from the Gaunt ring ....
I guess there has to be a few 'holes' in the story - guess the use of FF in these cases would appear to be one no?