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in a post i saw on mugglenet today it has been confirmed that NAOMI WATTS will play Narcissa Malfoy! i personally think that is an excellent bit of casting, stuart townsend and joseph fiennes (brother of ralph) are also cast though their roles arnt specified, maybe one is greyback?


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I bet one of them will play Greyback, too, and maybe the other mysterious role is the one for Slughorn? Or maybe Marvolo/Morfin Gaunt?


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These rumors have been disspelled by all three of the actors representatives:

Harry Potter 6 Casting Rumors Not True
Source: MTV July 25, 2007

After The Courier-Mail ran this item, MTV checked in with the representatives for Naomi Watts, Joseph Fiennes and Stuart Townsend who said the rumors are not true. According to the reps, Watts has not been cast as Narcissa Malfoy, and Fiennes and Townsend are not on board either.

The sixth film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, is scheduled to hit theaters on November 21, 2008.


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how disappointing! when i read the book i always imagined nicole kidman playing narcissa, which is why i thought naomi would be equally as good, narcissa should still be included (especially for her role in the ending of deathly hallows). greyback should also be in there as well as merope


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I had a strong feeling that Naomi Watts was going to end up being a rumor because she is Australian and not British. They are very adamant about casting only British actors/actresses in the movies to make it more realistic that everything takes place in GB. Unfortunately, that also leaves out Nicole Kidman for the part as well.

As for who I'd like to see in that role, nobody really pops to mind for me at the moment. When I read the book, I actually imagined a good friend of mine because she was very pale and had long blonde hair.

If I think of somebody good, I'll have to come back and post my opinion. :D


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Thanks for setting me straight on that one. I knew that she was from Australia, but had no clue that she wasn't born there.

*promptly sticks foot in mouth where it belongs*


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Don't forget that the actress needn't have long blonde hair . . . Jason Isaacs who plays Lucious actually has very dark, nearly black hair (check out the eyebrows on Lucious!) I wonder if they can redo makeup and Gleeson could be Slughorn too! He would be great, and it wouldn't be the first time an actor played two seperate roles in a film!

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I think little Ronnie barker would be perfect as Slughorn. He has the age, height, experience, and a squeaky voice, he's british too, add make-up and costume, he would be perfect.
PLEASE PLEASE Warner bros, consider him!!!!!

I can just picture him squirming under Harry on felix felicus.
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