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Time Turners
My family and I were watching the Chamber of Secrets last night wondering what it was that JKR kept the editors from removing form the scene in the chamber because of its importance to future themes.

We had two ideas:

1) The round tunnels of the chamber are very similar to the cover of the Deathly Hallows (UK Children's Version)

2) It looks like Riddle is wearing his head boy badge. Might that be a significant item to Voldemort/Riddle? If he really believes himself to be the greatest wizard ever, then why not use one of his own items - like the diary. It is notable that Dumbledore confronts Lucius Malfoy about Voldemort's old school items in the scene near the end of the movie when Dobbie gets his sock.

Well, we've got three week to chat about it...:rolleyes:

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very interesting . . . a head boy badge would certainly be something anyone would treasure, it in itself gives a form of power to the owner, power over the other students. Yet another possibility I think . . . the tunnels . . . could the shape be so significant? I guess it's possible, but I don't remember the book actualy saying they were round . . . I also don't specificaly remember the book mentioning Riddle wearing his headboy badge either though . . . hmmmm

I have never heart that quote from JKR before. goig to have to check this out myself a bit!


Time Turners
harry potter and the COS came on tv last night (in australia anyway) so i watched it to look out for anything unusual as well and i noticed a few things

1. the boy who plays tom riddle is fantastic and i have no idea why auditions are being held for his role in HBP, unless its the character of his father, but even still the boy should play that role too
2. when fawkes heals harry and harry is comforting ginny he says 'it's all over, it's just a memory' this struck me as very odd as it is definitely not in the book and made me think more that the books are a dream/fantasy
3. the ending of the movie is lamer than i remembered it being. and i remembered why i never want to watch the film and it is my least favourite