Head Boy

Who do you think the Head Boy will be?

  • Harry

    Votes: 4 6.9%
  • Ron

    Votes: 29 50.0%
  • Neville

    Votes: 11 19.0%
  • Draco

    Votes: 1 1.7%
  • Dean

    Votes: 2 3.4%
  • Seamus

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Ernie

    Votes: 8 13.8%
  • Other (Please post who)

    Votes: 3 5.2%

  • Total voters


We know in book seven, one of the boys in Harry's year will have to become Head Boy. There are a lot of boys in Harry and Ron's year, but only a few that can seriously be considered for the job ...

Will Dumbledore keep Harry from being Head Boy like he kept him from being Prefect ??
Will Ron continue on and become Head Boy instead of his best friend ??
Will Neville surprise everyone and become a prime candidate for Head Boy ??
What about Draco - will the evil Slytherins win this one ??

So - who do you think will become Head Boy in book 7 ??


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I will have to go with Ron on this one--Realistically speaking he is the heart of the trio
He takes a licking and keeps on ticking--Dumbledore already promoted him once-might as well do it again


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I'm hoping Neville will be. He's a bit of a late bloomer, and only started really coming into his own in Book 5. I predict the trend will continue, and he'll surprise everyone (including himself) by becoming Head Boy. :)


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Yes, in agreement on this one, young Neville is really coming into his own and what a nice sub ending to have him be Head Boy!
He showed in PS/SS that he was always couragous but seemed to blossom in OoTP and the Neville emerging now will go on to suprise a few people or will be sadly killed:(


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Have got to agree with Kings! Ron gets knocked back, but keeps on dusting himself off and coming back, and knows he is often in the shadow of both Harry and his older brothers - he gets the rough end of the stick all the time! I think Dumbledore will still make Ron Head Boy, as by then Harry will have a little more to be contending with!!


This topic is one of my 'undecided's, as I can see the reasoning behind all of the guys making Head Boy, especially Harry, Ron and Neville.

We see in OotP that Dumbledore feels a bit guilty for naming Ron as Prefect ahead of Harry. To make up for this, it is perfectly possible that he will name Harry Head Boy. After all, James was Head Boy and he wasn't a Prefect either.

Still, I can understand that he might still think that Harry has way too much going on, especially now that Voldemort is completely back and everyone now knows it, to have the time to devote to Head Boy duties (much like in OotP with Prefect duties). So, again much like OotP, he may name Ron as Head Boy. However, I do find this a bit doubtful, as Ron didn't appear to be too great of a Prefect - something that Dumbledore most likely knows!

Now for Neville. There have been rumors flying around everywhere that once he gets a new wand, he will be a much better wizard. I think that Neville has definitely improved and shows some promise in the future - but for Head Boy? That i'm not sure of.

JKR likes to throw us loops. Maybe, just maybe, she won't pick either of these three characters to be the Head Boy in book 7. For all we know, she may pick Seamus, Dean, or even Ernie Macmillan of Hufflepuff! That would definitely reduce the amount of potential tension that could occur between Harry and Ron if one gets the Head Boy position over the other.

Basically, after typing all this, I'm now leaning towards Harry. :p But I guess we'll have to wait and see. ;)

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Tonks said:
We see in OotP that Dumbledore feels a bit guilty for naming Ron as Prefect ahead of Harry. To make up for this, it is perfectly possible that he will name Harry Head Boy. After all, James was Head Boy and he wasn't a Prefect either.

Also, JKR uses a great deal of foreshadowing and often shows the past repeating itself in general outline if not in detail (James as Quidditch star and Harry as Quidditch star, James vs Snape and Harry vs Draco, Dumbledore vs Grindelwald and Harry vs Voldemort, the Marauders and the Trio, etc.). If I had to bet I would say that James as Head Boy without previously being prefect foreshadows Harry as Headboy without previously being prefect.

Then again, JKR does like surprises. And I'm not a betting man, anyway.

Madam Rosmerta

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I think it would be most entertaining if it was Draco! That would mean he and Hermione (Head Girl) would have to work closely together. She is all for House harmony, and would feel she had to win him over to the good side, but could she succeed? Maybe Draco would play along, and then use her trust to get crucial info for the Death Eaters!


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After reading Madame Rosmerta's post, it reminded me of Percy's letter to Ron in OotP when he wrote:

- a student who shows himself willing to help Professor Umbridge now may be very well-placed for Head Boyship in a couple of years!

Now Draco was part of the Inquisitorial Squad, so although Umbridge is apparently out of the picture at the moment (you never know if she will come back in one of the next books!) possibly this is a hint at who will be Head Boy in Harry's final year. Think it would certainly put the cat among the pigeons, or should I say the Kneazle among the canaries!!


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Yikes! I can't begin to imagine the havoc that would ensue if Draco were made HB.

I voted for Ron as I still have a soft spot in my heart for what he saw in the Mirror of Erised. I know that the dreams of an 11 year-old are not sure to last, but I think it would be great to see him on the Quidditch team, perhaps Quidditch Captain (what if something happens and Harry is not able to play again?!?) and then HB as well. I just hope that something good happens for Ron.

Also, Prof. Dumbledore must have seen something in him that made him choose Ron over the others as Prefect. I wonder if it was family history combined with his adventures with Harry.


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Boing you are a woman after my own heart! I also voted for Ron - as I think he should be recognised as a character in his own right, not just Harry's mate, or the Weasley twins' brother, and for his dreams in the Mirror of Erised to come true - as Head Boy and Quidditch Captain - I think we have several clues so far that this could happen:

Ron has taken Woods place on the team as Keeper, and indeed wears his old robes - so why not allow him to 'graduate' to Captain - particularly as Angelina Johnson will be in her final year in either Book 6 or 7.

Ron has been made Prefect, and usually Prefects end up as Head Boy (although we know of the hiccup that was James Potter who was never Prefect but made Head Boy)

Harry has enough on his plate to contend with without having to undertake the roles of Head Boy and Quidditch Captain, and although he may present a little jealousy (as he did when Ron was made Prefect) in the end Harry would be pleased for his friend to have achieved so much


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I'm thinking Ron, here's why:

He and Hermione are made prefect. Neville wasn't. Harry wasn't. If I understand the rules correctly, you have to be prefect before you're head boy/girl.

No way will it be Malfoy and Parkinson. Yuk.

Also, it runs in the family:

Percy was Head Boy
Bill (or Charlie?) was also Head Boy

It follows that it will be another Weasley.

What surprises me is that for the "poor" reputation the Weasleys supposedly have in the wizarding world (at least according to Lucius Malfoy), why are all of their kids excelling in school (ahem, I guess except the twins) and becoming prefects and head boys?

Seems to me that the Weasleys should get more respect. Maybe they do and we just don't see it yet.


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catchthesnitch said:
He and Hermione are made prefect. Neville wasn't. Harry wasn't. If I understand the rules correctly, you have to be prefect before you're head boy/girl.

JK Rowling has stated that you can become Head Boy without being Prefect, as that is what James Potter did :D


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of those posted i dont think that:

Harry- would gte it because of the already peer pressure he has for being "him"

Draco - will get it for his bad around school reputation anyways


Neville - as his timidness and clumsiness would mean he was not up2 the job - head boy is a respected and looked up2 position - nevilles acedemic skills means he is not qualified

i think that maybe JKR will let ron be head boy - and therefore rise above his brothers - as he could be quidditch captain as well.. but on the other hand i think that sounds a bit "alls well that ends well - happily ever after" for JKR to let ron to achieve



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I agree with your reasoning behind why the others dont get it

I do find it interesting that Dumbledore explained why Harry didnt get prefect--that almost makes it sound like he will change his mind for Head Boy

Since I stick behind my Ron is a Seer mentality, I will think Head Boy and Quidditch captain are going to come to Ron :D


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I am going for Ernie McMillan - I dont think Head Boy will be that big a deal and he shows some qualities of being the next Percy Weasley so that is who my money is on. :)
I voted other, I think someone else who will be important at the time will become head boy. They may be in there now, and just not a big character.


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OK, for me, Harry will be too busy with the watr to be Heady Boy. Draco abused his power a lot as a prefect, so I don't see it going to him. Unless Neville improves a lot in his magical abilities and his studies, it's not going to him. Ron may have a chance. I am not sure about any of the others. I have to agree that Ernie MacMillan seems to be a good candidate...