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At the end of OOTP, Harry questions Nearly Headless Nick, thinking that since he can speak to Nick, maybe there is a way that he could speak to Sirius, and Nick says,

"Wizards can leave an imprint of themselves upon the earth, to walk palely where their living selves once trod" (Pg 861 US).

Does he mean horcruxes? Do Nearly Headless Nick, and The Bloody Baron have horcruxes stored somewhere?

What do we know about the Bloody Baron? He is the Slytherin Ghost, Peeves fears him, and in HBP, he was hanging around the Astronomy tower, can anyone remember anything else?


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I never really thought about this in terms of horcruxes . . . but, I think Nick also says something about people that are "afraid" to die become ghosts . . . For some reason, the Grey Lady and the Fat Friar (and Nearly Headless Nick for that matter) don't seem the "type" to make horcruxes. The Bloody Baron, sure, maybe, but the other three just don't seem to have it in them. To kill someone and split their souls.

I think what he meant is that some people just either don't want to leave or something and they can make the choice to stay on as ghosts.

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Well, as much as Voldemort fears death, does this mean that once defeated he will remain as a ghost? (YIKES! :eek: ) this could make Peeves look quite friendly!

I think that an "imprint" is a far cry from a Horcrux. For one, a Horcrux is intentionaly made, yes, it is made by someone who indeed fears dying, (or else why make it?) and this person is obviously not satisfied with the idea of existing as a ghost either. A Horcrux is intended to maintain their "life" on this plane of existance, and presumably eventualy regain physical form. Ghosts are created at the moment of death when the person fears that death, or has unfinished business, like Moaning Myrtle, the desire to haunt the girl who teased her. The two are indeed quite different.


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During an online chat, JKR was asked: "What makes some witches/wizards become ghosts after they die and some not?" She replied: "You don't really find that out until Book 7, but I can say that the happiest people do not become ghosts. As you might guess Moaning Myrtle!"

As far as the Bloody Baron - he is covered in silver blood - this suggest unicorn blood and also a cursed life - and maybe death - that is why Peeves avoids him ...

And as for Peeves - he isn't a ghost - he is a poltergeist - and JKR made a huge point of that on her site :p


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ok, i have read about the bloody baron and unicorn blood before, and i know that to drink a unicorns blood gives you a "half-life, a cursed life" so maybe by drinking a unicorns blood, u dont have any choice but to become a ghost?
also, i dont think horcruxes have anything to do with a wizard becoming a ghost. case in point: Moaning Murtle. do u really think a student would have a horcrux? i know someone may say "well tom riddle/voldemort did!" and i will respond: "well, yeah. HE would because he was an egomaniacal psychopath, and a very evil person ta-boot!" he released a basilisk into a school for goodness sakes! this said, moaning murtle seems like a very nice, if also a very unhappy, person and therefore wouldnt have a horcrux, most likely not even knowing what a horcrux is! becoming a ghost seems more like a choice in an afterlife.