Hogwarts is Breeched

Hogwarts is Breeched

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Prediction: Hogwarts is Breeched
I it my belief and prediction that Hogwarts will be breeched by Voldemort and the Death Eaters and they will roam the corridors of Hogwarts School.

Evidence or Support
This is the ultimate taboo but I think all the protections etc placed on Hogwarts - including the protections of Dumbledore will be removed as Voldemort and the Death Eaters enter Hogwarts grounds and then the school.
I think they will do this so that Voldemort can make it back to the Chamber of Secrets.
I also think this because we are always told how safe Hogwarts is that to see Voldemort and Death Eaters there would be a sensational piece of action!


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Voldemort has managed to get inside Hogwarts on at least two occasions. I think its high plausible that he will be able to do so again and thus strike right at the heart of Dumbledore. The Castle does not keep Voldemort out and his Death Eaters such as Lucius can visit the castle on the pretence of a matter of his son.

I do think that Voldemort will use the Chamber of Secrets again and may use Draco Malfoy as a way to get inside the school this time around.


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I voted Yes.

Hogwarts has been breached in - I think - all the books so far. In some form or another, we have seen numerous ways for people to sneak in and out of Hogwarts, so I find it highly likely that Voldemort and/or DEs will make an entrance into the school - especially if the other prediction of Dumbledore dying at the end of HBP comes true!


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I definitely think that Hogwarts will be breached. It has happened so many times already with Riddles memory and Moody and ofcourse Quirrell and Sirius too. :D
So yeah, despite all the protection and dumbledore being there, I think it will definitely happen.


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No - most controversially by the look of it!!


Although I agree that Hogwarts has been infiltrated in the past by followers of Hogwarts, Voldemort himself has not been within the walls. Yes, we have had Death Eaters there, but that is because Barty Jr was acting as Moody, and Lucius was there in his capacity of a parent governor of the School.

I believe that there are more protective factors around the school than we are currently aware, and that these will ultimately keep out the bad guys, particularly the big bad guy - Voldemort!
No! Now that the Ministry knows Voldemort is back, they will be taking extra procautions to insure the safety of underage wizards. If they don't parents may pull their children out of school, I know I would.


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I think that if it is easy enough for his DE's to get into Hogwarts, then it won't be a problem for Voldemort. Although the Ministry will have precautions set up, Voldemort is at his most powerful right now, he will have had more time to gather folowers and garner power, and when he is ready, Hogwarts will be broken open.


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Unless JKR plans on bringing about the end of Hogwarts, I doubt that she would have a battle take place in there. Dumbledore is powerful where ever he is, as will Harry be. I don't think the school is of great importance to Voldemort, unless there is more hidden in the CoS. Voldemort will fight where he feels he has a greater chance of winning, and that will not be in Hogwarts where almost the whole school is loyal to Dumbledore.


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As has been said, Hogwarts is Dumbledore's domain. For Voldemort to breach Dumbledore's turf would be a show of power, one that Dumbledore might not expect. I don't know if I believe the Death Eaters would make it into the castle, but it would be a spectacular fight, and what a way for the final battle to occur - right on the front lawn of Hogwarts. All the castle windows with faces pressed up against the glass watching the scene below as Harry serves Voldemort the final blow.


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I cheated. :p I've read HBP before answering here!
Yeah, they did manage to get in Hogwarts, through the Vanishing Cabinet.
it's cool how Malfoy--I thought he was a little dumb--could figure that out. ;)


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i will make my answer pertain to book seven, having read book six. i think it is possible that Voldemort could in fact breech hogwarts, after he has one of the Marauders (Peter Pettigrew, AKA Wormtail) on his side, and Wormtail helped create the marauders map, which means he knows of all the known secret passages into Hogwarts. this said, he may very well use the passage that goes through the honey dukes cellar or one of the others. but i dont like the idea of hogwarts being breeched at all.


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Well, to add to what has been said, we know that Voldemort made it into Hogwarts in HBP, or his cronies did, at least. He did it once, he can probably do it again. With Dumbledore gone, I doubt he would fear anyone else there enough to keep him away. I can't imagine why he would want to go there though unless it's to get an artifact or a hidden Horcrux. Maybe he thinks he can illicit terror into all the witches and wizards by showing them that their children are not safe even in Hogwarts. Maybe Voldemort will take over the school for no other reason than to draw Harry there because he knows Harry would go there to protect his friends.