Horcrux creation for Dummies!!


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Are you kidding me?:D
Riddles were non magic people. They were muggles.
The heir line came from Gaunts. From his mother, Merope Gaunt.


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I don't think someone else in the past had made more than 1 Horcrux.

I think that Voldemort took a pretty big chance in creating more than 1, because there was no one to advise him on what would happen with more than 1.

Sorry i havent been on in a while...Piper, i just meant that lv couldnt have been the first person to ever make a horcrux-one. i know we all conclude that he was the first to make seven.


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yeah, i agree with cagedcactus that a soul will only remain ripped for a period of time before the ripped piece of soul, like two drops of water on the car window on a rainy day, will become one with the rest of the soul. i like the idea of the object being enchanted to suck the soul piece into itself. i think it is possible to make an infinite amount of horcruxes, but the consequence of doing so will make you look physically like a corpse. afterall, when we see Riddle visit hepzibah, he is described as looking waxy. i attribute this to him having made a couple horcruxes: since he no longer has a whole soul in his body, he is slowly looking less human. as far as his snakelike appearance after his rebirth, i think it has something to do with the rudimentary body he had. i think he also found that potion he used for the rebirthing while he was researching horcruxes. put on guard by what slughorn said about being "a part-soul wandering the world" bit. afterall, if i had heard that, i would have devoted myself to creating the horcruxes, and finding the means of recreating my body if my part soul for some reason got seperated from my body. it is all tied together, i think. the first guy to create a horcrux experienced being murdered, and then he had to find a way to get a new body, and a devoted servant figured it out with help from the master, kinda like how voldemort did. snake venom and unicorn blood, bone of the father, blood of an enemy, and flesh of the servant. pretty simple potion, i think. strange.


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Earlier in this thread, you mention the possibility of the Trophy that was awarded to Voldemort in 1943, for special service to the School as a possible Horcrux.

I was reading through PS/SS today, Malfoy and Harry were looking for a place to duel, and it was stated, "The Trophy Room is always unlocked". So you may be on to something there:)

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I kind of like that too . . . When Ron had to polish it in his detention, I seem to remember that he seemed to have trouble with that particular one didn't he? could it be because it was "possesed"?


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I just looked that up in CS, he had to polish the House cup 14 times to please Flich, and he had another attack and vomited slugs all over the Tom Riddle Trophy.

Riddle mentions the Trophy though, when he is talking to Harry through the Diary.


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of course mentioned the award to harry in the memory! he got that award for ratting out Hagrid and saying that Aragog killed myrtle! if they had asked her ghost and shown some sympathy and such, they would have known that Aragog didnt kill her! so yeah, since Riddle got the award for stopping the killings by "finding out" that hagrid was the one whose evil pet was killing students (even though aragog wasn't evil, but just disliked humans and was harmless when he was actually in the school) Riddle would mention the award because it lends credence to his side of the story, and make hagrid look bad. after all, who would doubt Riddle when he received an award and hagrid was expelled? of course, friendship would have over riden this, if hagrid had told harry why he had been expelled before that. anyway, the award lends credence to Riddles story because it is like a diploma. Riddle can say"See? i am right, this shows that i am right because the person in charge recognises me as right."

although, if the award is a horcrux, it could explain why Ron suddenly had a slug-barfing fit. oh no, i didnt say that and i am not saying that the soul piece sealed in a horcrux can manifest itself. BUT maybe the curse protecting the horcrux causes past curses/jinxes to re-manifest themselves as a way of protecting itself. since the slug-barf jinx was the only jinx put on Ron (as far as we know) at that point in his life, when Ron was close to the award handling it and such, the horcrux protection kicked in and caused him to barf more slugs. interesting idea, but its base is all liquid water, and the theory is a rock. it just dont float. not for me anyway.


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I think the slug thing was just a way for JKR to mention the Trophy. I don't think it caused Ron to have the episode, he was already doing that earlier in the day.