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There has been alot of talk about Horcrux. Now that we know that the diary is one. It occured to me that Lucius after having the diary in his care for all those years suddenly decided to give to Ginny. Why? Was he instructed to, or was he simply trying to rid himself of it because of the ministry checking his home. Did he even know what it really was? I have so many questions running in my mind, I would be very interested in any thoughts. Thanks


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ummm i might be wrong but somewhere ive heard that lucius knew that it would open the CoS.. and prob knew that voldemort opened it last time.. 50 years ago

so im just guessing the lucius thought it would be nice for it to reopen of the 50th anniversary of it being last opened


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i have to agree, i think voldemort gave lucius the diary and told lucius that it would re-open th echamber of secrets. he may have even told lucius to give it to draco (depends on whether or not draco was born before or after lucius was given the diary and whether or not draco was born before or after voldemort fell). but i dont think lucius knew it was a horcrux, because if he did, he probably would have sought out voldemort, assuming that he knows that horcruxes will prevent someone from dieing completely. but i do agree with the idea that he gave it to ginny to get rid of it, probably hoping that there would be another death, and ginny would get caught openniing the chamber, and thus disgracing her family, and maybe losing arthur his job at the ministry.


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The Diary was given to Lucius by Voldemort but was probably not told it was a horcrux. Lucius held onto it for a long time but when a sufficient time past he slipped it into Ginny's cauldron hoping it would both open the CoS AND discredit the Weasley family. I just finished HBP tonight and Dumbledore tells Harry all this just before they go find the false Horcrux. I am just curious and as I am new I will post here though there is probably a thread on this subject already.

I seriously believe that Harry is the final Horcrux. I think that Voldemort did not perform the Avedra Kadavera on Harry but instead, partially knowing the prophecy placed the last portion of his soul in Harry thereby marking him as "The Chosen One" knowing full well that the whole of the wizarding community would protect Harry and no harm would come to that portion of his soul. I have always wondered why Dumbledore never pulled this earliest of Harry's memories and viewing it in the Penseive. Oh well just my guess.
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I'm not sure this is where I want to post this but as its getting late here goes... I dont think that Voldemort ever got to make the 6 horcruxs + the one in his body. I believe it was Dumbledore that said correct me if I'm wrong that Voldemort indended on making Harry his final horcrux. So if Voldemort went into hinding and unless he has since created the last then wouldnt he still be one down? I do like the Ireland Hallows though so I'm torn, please help if you rememeber anything about any of this.


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I think that you have to look at Lucius' timing. The Ministry was conducting raids which could have revealed any number of dark objects in the Malfoy's possession. But more importantly, remember Lucius' reaction to Hermione in the bookstore? I'm sure that having heard about Hermione from Draco, Lucius recalled that the diary would open the Chamber of Secrets. However, how do you get the diary to Hogwarts without anyone tracing it back to you? You slip it into Ginny's bag. Assuming that everything worked out the way Lucius had wanted, the Ministry would have had bigger fish to fry than former Death Eaters and their possessions.
I don't think that Voldemort had anything to do with the decision to give the diary to Ginny or any other Hogwarts student at a predetermined time. According to DD, Voldemort did not believe that anyone else knew about the horcruxes. Therefore, he would have thought the diary safe in Lucius' hands.


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Dumbledore goes over all of this in HBP. He speculated that Lucius knew it would open the CoS and was given it by Voldy to be used upon Voldy's say so. He went on to say that in fact Lucius more than likely was trying to raise havoc in Hogwarts and trying to cause Mudblood deaths AND at the same time get rid of a highly incriminating artifact. When Lucius lost hope in his Masters return, he loosed the diary and it was destroyed. That is why it was said Voldy's anger was "terrible to behold." I believe that is also when Voldy turns Greyback on Draco as punishment. But there is where it becomes speculation for me...


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I thought it was interesting that at times JKR discusses the diary as if it was akin to a pensieve - When Harry has his first experience in the pensieve in GOF, he describes the feeling like when he dove into TR's memory in the diary. So, this is before we know of horcruxes and she can't as yet show us the distinctions between an extricated memory and an object that holds part of a soul.

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I think that type of magical diary is indeed kind of a special type of pensive. As us poor muggles must bear pen in hand and scrawl out our thoughts and memories in a paper diary, a "normal" wizard diary would simply store your memory of your first kiss, shopping trip with your best friend, Birthday presents etc. I think it was when Riddle made it into a Horcrux, that the two mingled to become something that I don't even think Riddle knew at the time. I think he just stored his memories of when he opened the chamber etc. so 1. he could prove in the future that he did it, proving he was the heir of Slytherin, and 2. to ensure that the chamber might be opened again in the future to finish what he couldn't.


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The way Dumbledor treated Lucius in his office after everything was over, he had to know how the diary ended up in Jenny's hands. The question is why didn't he do something then?

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I think Dumbledore didn't do anything, because he couldn't . . . Dumbledore is a great legilimens, and I have no doubt that he literaly saw right through Lucious. But being able to prove it is different, and . . . proving it to a ministry that thinks old Lucious is a model citizen would be even harder. Think about it . . . most likely because of Lucious influence, the ministry refused to believe Dumbledore and Harry that Voldemort was back. Also earlier in the story, Lucious had managed to have Dumbledore removed as Headmaster.