How will it all end

How will the series finish

  • Harry will kill Voldemort

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  • Harry will sacrifice himself to kill Voldemort and they both die

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  • Voldemort curses Harry but the spell rebounds and kills Voldemort

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  • Voldemort kills Harry

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  • They shake hands and decide to co-exist until they die of natural causes.

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Time Turners
....argument is better put on other threads but basically it goes two wands with the same cores will not attack each other hence the priori incantatum incident. did Mr. Olivander go? Has he been employed to create a new wand for Voldemort, or was he punished for knowingly providing Harry with the only other wand with a Phoenix-tail core? As we know, the wand chooses the wizard, but Olivander had hundreds of wands in his stock, and Harry tried several before O handed Harry, after speculating to himself as to what might happen (help me out---was that just in the movie, or does it play out that way in the book, too?), the wand that "chose" him.

I took a few minutes to read through an older thread titled "The wand chooses the wizard..." and found that it has a lot of great thoughts and debate over the "brother wand" issue. From that, and to stay on subject here, I have a few questions:

  1. What happened to Mr. Olivander?
  2. If Priori Incantatum is the result when 2 wands w/ identical cores are set against one another, how will either Harry or Voldemort overcome that?
  3. Once again, how is Dumbledore involved in all of this? It was, after all, his phoenix who provided the cores for both wands. Did Mr. Olivander get the phoenix feathers from Fawkes before Fawkes came into Dumbledore's care? That seems unlikely, as it would seem there is more than a master/pet relationship between Dumbledore & Fawkes. So if Dumbledore has had Fawkes since long before the wands were constructed, how on earth did both those wands get into the hands of the two people at the center of the conflict? And why did Fawkes only provide the cores for 2 wands? Was this another part of Dumbledore's brilliantly constructed plan, 50 years of time-turning in the making, to bring Voldemort into a final confrontation with the only person who can defeat him?
  4. How did Tom Riddle get his wand? WILL it all end, and how, if at all, will the "brother wands" be a factor?


I opted for Harry Killing Voldemort in the end.

Though I do like the idea of the curse again rebounding on Voldy. How cool would it be to have the story end the way it began?


Time Turners
CC. Firstly I have some sympathy with your overall view about time travel and time turners but they are there and, I think, will become important in the overall story in DH. I have seen no evidence that time-turners can be used to travel forward in time, only back. Hence Harry and Hermione went back in time to save Buckbeak, hung around for ages then saved Sirius. Had they been able to come forward in time I am sure that they would have.

On that premise it would seem that time turners can only effectively be used to return over short time spans that you then have to relive. If it were possible to whizz back and forth in time you are quite Dumbledore could go back and get rid of the young Tom Riddle, or Merope or Slytherin himself. I think that the other reason that time turners are only usable over short periods it that the greater the time span the greater the number of other, possibly unwanted, changes will occur.

Dumbledore said:
"But -- I stopped Sirius and Professor Lupin from killing Pettigrew!
That makes it my fault if Voldemort comes back!"
"It does not," said Dumbledore quietly. "Hasn't your experience with the
Time-Turner taught you anything, Harry? The consequences of our actions are always so complicated, so diverse, that predicting the future is a very difficult business indeed.... Professor Trelawney, bless her, is living proof of that.... You did a very noble thing, in saving Pettigrew's life."

I think that Dumbledore could have popped back a couple of hours to spike Voldemort's rebirthing recipe but I doubt he could travel back 60 tears to nobble the young Tom Riddle.

Then there is the not too minor difficulty of keeping yourself hidden from others throughout the period that you have gone back in time.

Dumbledore. PoA said:
But remember this, both of you: you must not be seen. Miss Granger, you know the law -- you know what is at stake.... You -- must -- not -- be -- seen."

Mr Bandman, you are correct in assuming that Harry tried many wands in the book, indeed many more than in the film.

PS/SS said:
Harry tried. And tried. He had no idea what Mr. Ollivander was waiting for. The pile of tried wands was mounting higher and higher on the spindly chair, but the more wands Mr. Ollivander pulled from the shelves, the happier he seemed to become.
"Tricky customer, eh? Not to worry, we'll find the perfect match here somewhere -- I wonder, now - - yes, why not -- unusual combination -- holly and phoenix feather, eleven inches, nice and supple."

Since wands can be made by other wand makers I assume that Mr. Ollivander's disappearance was for some other reason than to stop order members getting them.

When Harry fought Voldemort in the graveyard Wormtail gave Harry back his wand before the duel.

GoF said:
"And now - we duel."
Voldemort raised his wand, and before Harry could do anything to defend himself, before he could even move, he had been hit again by the Cruciatus Curse. The pain was so intense, so all-consuming, that he no longer knew where he was. . . . White-hot knives were piercing every inch of his skin, his head was surely going to burst with pain, he was screaming more loudly than he'd ever screamed in his life -
And then it stopped. Harry rolled over and scrambled to his feet; he was shaking as uncontrollably as Wormtail had done when his hand had been cut off; he staggered sideways into the wall of watching Death Eaters, and they pushed him away, back toward Voldemort.
"A little break," said Voldemort’s, the slit-like nostrils dilating with excitement, "a little pause . . . That hurt, didn't it. Harry? You don't want me to do that again, do you?"

This occurred before the priori incantatum incident so it is not the fact that the wizards holding the wands cast spells at each other that created the effect it is the fact that spells from the two wands collided with each other.

GoF said:
A jet of green light issued from Voldemorts wand just as a jet of red light blasted from Harry's - they met in midair - and suddenly Harry's wand was vibrating as though an electric charge were surging through it; his hand seized up around it; he couldn't have released it if he'd wanted to - and a narrow beam of light connected the two wands, neither red nor green, but bright, deep gold. Harry, following the beam with his astonished gaze, saw that Voldemort's long white fingers too were gripping a wand that was shaking and vibrating.

So it would be possible for either Harry or Voldemort to use their wands to curse the other as long as the two spells did not collide.

I think that JKR has said that Fawkes has not had another owner before Dumbledore.

I have no idea whether Dumbledore arranged for Fawkes to give only two feathers. We do know that Voldemort bought his wand from Ollivanders’ and that Mr Ollivander wrote to Dumbledore to tell him that Harry had bought the second wand.

PS/SS said:
"I'm sorry to say I sold the wand that did it," he said softly. "Thirteen-and-a-half inches. Yew. Powerful wand, very powerful, and in the wrong hands... well, if I'd known what that wand was going out into the world to do...."
He shook his head and then, to Harry's relief, spotted Hagrid.

GoF said:
"Exactly," said Dumbledore. "Harry's wand and Voldemorts wand share cores. Each of them contains a feather from the tail of the same phoenix. This phoenix, in fact," he added, and he pointed at the scarlet-and-gold bird, perching peacefully on Harry's knee.
"My wand's feather came from Fawkes?" Harry said, amazed.
"Yes," said Dumbledore. "Mr. Ollivander wrote to tell me you had bought the second wand, the moment you left his shop four years ago."
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Time Turners
I voted for Harry kills Voldemort.

There will be more to it than that, what with so many others kicking around - I think Harry will end up working himself up to the deed but will need someone else to distract Voldy at a key moment- a phoenix, wand memories, golden statues animated and other wizards to help, the usual aids...

Love the Voldy-is-made-a-muggle idea though! Poetic justice at its finest.


Time Turners
There will be more to it than that, what with so many others kicking around - I think Harry will end up working himself up to the deed but will need someone else to distract Voldy at a key moment- a phoenix, wand memories, golden statues animated and other wizards to help, the usual aids...

If love is indeed the most powerful form of magic, then Harry obviously has a decided advantage----many, many people on his side. Voldemort has many followers, but no one loves him. Some might stand in front of V out of fear of his punishment, but no one will freely give his/her life for him out of love.....fear, greed, arrogance, insanity, lust for power and approval maybe, but not love. This may be Harry's winning hand. Enough people love Harry to stand with him, and even in front of him. If it must be a true one-on-one encounter with Voldemort, then I'd wager (and I'd be prepared to "pony up" a King's ransom :D ) that Ron, Hermione, Neville, Hagrid, Lupin, Ginny, Fawkes, Hedwig, Buckbeak, the remaining Wesley's sans Percy, the handful of good, bad, & ugly who owe Harry for saving them or their loved ones, and even a few departed souls will be instrumental in clearing the path for Harry. One thing is for sure---we're in for a lot of action! I, for one, am hoping Grawp gets to rip off Bellatrix Lestrange's head.


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Then they are not really shaking hands, are they? I would love to see him lose his powers as a wizard and forced to live as a muggle though. ;)

You forgot to add one more catagory. Alz's favourite.
Harry will turn out to be a horcrux too, and in process of destroying him, Voldemort will get blasted again. This time not returning because all the rest of the horcuxes would have been destroyed.

Damn straight!!
I demand that option!
Failing that I settled for the next best thing - Harry will sacrifice himself to kill Voldemort and they both die ... thus the cycle ends ... right back where it started!