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Hello Guest and Visitors!

The Final Horcrux is very proud of it's members and community but also recognises that we have many visitors to the forums.
Because The Final Horcrux operates an age restrictive policy - we recognise that perhaps we aren't getting the full contributions for the world of Harry Potter.
As part of out commitment to enjoy in-depth, on-topic discussions - we would like to offer you, our guests, an area where you can post threads about any part of Harry Potter and indeed The Final Horcrux.
No matter if you are just a general surfer or indeed someone who really loves to discuss Harry Potter but don't want to sign up - you are very welcome to make use of the visitors forum to make your contributions!

Because of the nature of a visitors forum and the possibility that it may be spammed, all threads and posts submitted will be moderated, as such they will not appear right away but instead will be checked by members of staff.

So, if you read something in one of the threads and you would like to make a contribution - then please feel free!
If you could note which thread it is in response to - we will of course add your thoughts and comments to it.
Also - if you have a topic you wish to discuss that isn't covered so far - once again feel free to post it!
We would also welcome your thoughts on The Final Horcrux as well - so please feel free to pass comments on about the site, community etc as well!

Your forum is called "HELLO? HELLO? CAN YOU HEAR ME? I - WANT - TO - TALK - TO - HARRY - POTTER!" ... just click the name and you will be taken to the area - then click new thread and post your comments.

We really look forward to your threads, posts and comments on both Harry Potter and The Final Horcrux.

The Final Horcrux Web Staff
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