Ideas for the future... a request?


Tom Marvolo Riddle
OK - I thought about putting this thread in the fanfic forum, but since this isn't fanfic per se, I think it goes well over here.
I will begin to write a novel length fanfiction about Harry, Ron, Hermione and the rest of the wizarding world, and what they get up to after the fall of Voldemort. Things I'm looking to include are: a return to Hogwarts, Ministry of Magic reforms, Harry in his professional life.
However, I don't have quite enough ideas to fill a book!
So, since we're speculating about the future, this could go in a storyline conspiracy forum. On to my request:
I would like the community here on MP to offer their ideas on what should happen where Deathly Hallows leaves off. My fanfic will be canon-compliant, so I would like people to make suggestions that are consistent with the books and published interviews by JKR. But I will take into account most, if not all, of what is said here.
Again, I'm interested in hearing what the Potter-versed minds here have to say!
Get back to me in this thread with any potential ideas. And, of course, a title.


Dr Winterbourne

Time Turners
Are you just going to cover the next year? If you are, then Ginny, Ron, Hermione and Harry will all be in the same year.

It's hard to imagine why Harry and Hermione wouldn't be Head By and Girl.

SPEW goes global.

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I agree with DW on SPEW being implemented at least nation wide, but not just the house elves but acceptance for all "races" of magical beings. Would have to deal with the rebuilding of Hogwarts . . . don't think a simple "repairo" would do it. Of course, also the continued rounding up of Death Eaters. I think more cooperation with the different Wizarding Nations.


Time Turners
If Harry is resistant about going back for the final year at Hogwarts, the Weasleys could always put their foot down and insist that if he is going to date their daughter, he must finish school properly.

You will need a new mean teacher of course. Maybe Snape had a cousin somewhere?

In his professional life, maybe Harry could work with reuniting family members who were seperated during the time that Umbridge was doing her inquisitions etc. Not as his main job of course, but it could be made kind of a thing where he will not be able to rest until everyone is accounted for. Being raised an orphan himself, practically he would not want children out there growing up without their parents if it could be helped, that kind of thing. This could fill quite a few gaps.


afraid of my own shadow
i would like to think that Harry graduated in lieu of actually finishing.

personally, he deserves a few months off at least, without having to deal with...anything! let alone exams!

i want to see a funeral for all of the people who were killed, and something repairing Dumbledore's tomb.

the house-elves could be given the choice of staying or going, being paid or not, by a ministry decree. Hermione wouldn't agree to forcing them to do something they didn't want to do.

the curses on the Black's house, the permanent sticking charms i mean, are all broken, and it is renovated...

Harry sees the Dursley's again, who upon Dudley's mumbled request, half-heartedly apologise for how they treated Harry. they may be ignorant, but not completely stupid, and can see however much they don't want to, what Harry did for the muggle world, as well as the wizarding world.

Dr Winterbourne

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With regards to the restoration of Hogwarts; rather than a 'repairo' which, I agree, would be lame, perhaps we can see some of the ancient magic of the place, hitherto unknown, come into being, and it restores it.

I don't know what this would be - maybe not even a spell. Maybe a race who were there all along, but Harry never knew about them, so neither did we. I like hearing about obscure little roles that exist around the familiar worl - like those guys who clean the walls of the kitchen each morning in 'Gormenghast'.

Or perhaps all of the House elves in Britain could assemble, and their first unionised task could be to repair Hogwarts.

SPEW is problematic in one way - alot of house elves would simple not want to change. Ah, but perhaps Dobby could become a great house elf martyr, and be seen as a visionary. It wouls be a great legacy for him - to know that his exaple became the one that revolutionised the lives of all houseelves.

Also, let's see what Norberta is up to. Her absence is ... unsettling somehow.


Time Turners
Personally I think Harry would be given NEWTs in everything just for defeating VM, or he would be so famous no-one would need to know whether he graduated or not.

I would want his career path to be gather all goblin-made artifacts and return as many as he can. Or learn wand-lore and pass it on to the goblins and request the metal making secrets in return, though still teach them wand-lore without reciprocation. Once VM is defeated, what would Aurors do?

Harry would also have to write a book informing everyone about the path of magical knowledge he gained because to not do so would be a complete waste.

Finally, has VM made it much easier for the next Dark Wizard to follow in his path? Instead of grandeur, what if you had a completely objective wizard who just kills and makes Horcruxes one after another and creates like 20 of them?


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I would think too that there would be trouble over that wand. Very powerful wand, everyone will notice he's not using it, and wonder where it went, plenty of people would probably try to find it.

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claymore said:
I think Harry would be given NEWTs in everything just for defeating VM, or he would be so famous no-one would need to know whether he graduated or not.
I disagree here, Harry would have to finish school, or, be publicly given an honary "degree" due to his achievement in his defeat of Voldemort. Even then though the problem the wizarding world would run into is that countless kids would be wanting to quit school early, because "Harry Potter didn't finish school, and he is a famous wizard."


Time Turners
Can't you just hear some Mother now:

"All right young man, when you have defeated the ultimate evil, then you can quit school... But until then pack your bags, you're leaving for Hogwarts in the morning!"



Tom Marvolo Riddle
Everyone, thanks for your ideas so far!!!
I encourage you to keep them coming thick and fast. I'm liking what I hear; I have the beginnings of a concrete plot in my mind, but I want everyone to remember that my fanfic will contain BOTH Harry's last year at Hogwarts and his subsequent career.
I will not be so vain as to put a due date on top of my college work and my engagement (which took place this summer), but I'm hoping to have a couple of chapters (if not more) up by December. With a little luck, I'll start writing in about a month, after you've all had time to give me some more ideas, and to start thinking about it some more myself. I'll keep this site updated on the progress (as it is the source of all my plot info ... which you contribute), by posting chapters up in the fanfic section ..... for something to keep you busy in the meantime, see my fanfic entitled "Exploring".
So keep an eye out ... I've also registered on phoenixsong, a Harry fanfic website, where I'll be posting some short stories soon, under my penname, "Daedalus".
So, once again, thanks for all your ideas, and interest taken.