"I'll fetch the boy"

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Snape said that how many times? Of course we know that Voldemort killed Snape for the wand before he could go to Harry, but this is just for speculation purposes . . . If Snape had been allowed to go to Harry, how might things have gone differently?


I think Snape wanted to get Harry to share his memory with him so he knew who Snape was and what he did.

Possibly things may have been different. Maybe Snape would have learned about the wand in time to spare his own life. (though I can't see that coming up in conversation.)

Padma Patil

Dumbledore's Girl
I don't think any feelings would have changed for Snape, just because he hated James and he hated Harry because he was James' son. However, I can imagine Harry's feelings toward Snape changing a bit. I really just can't imagine how the scene would have been had Snape been living when Harry looked at his memory. I just find it so sweet that the last thing Snape saw before he died was Lily's eyes.

Also, like Seeker said, even if Snape had been living when Harry visited his memory, I can't see the conversation turning to the Elder Wand at all. Mostly because of Harry's mistrust of Snape.


After a second read of the book I thought maybe if Snape told Harry about what Harry was supposed to do (sacrifice himself) maybe it would have been a bit different. If Harry saw all those things he may have been inclined to trust Snape a bit more and maybe they would have worked together somehow to ensure Voldemort would be dead in the end. So maybe it would have possible that Snape would have made it through alive in the end. (But again Voldemort wa obessed with possessing the elder wand totally so he probably would have killed Snape anyway, unless Snape knew what V was planning.)


Time Turners
Things happened the way they were meant to happen. It's all magic. I admire how Harry named his son after the man he hated for so long to discover he, Snape was the shield from VM the whole time.