In the movie...Snape


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is the one who gets to guard Barty Crouch Jr., aka Fake Moody, and McGonagal just goes out of the scene, while Dumbledore ushers Harry to his office, where Sirius is not waiting for him, as in the original text.

What got to me the most was the look in Snape's eyes, as well as Fake Moody's, just before the scene ended. Snape was holding his wand to Barty's throat, but...? is the movie getting to anywhere for anyone? Snape, from HBP, we found out just might be a traitor... so.. can this little thing in the movie be a little foreshadowing?

I'm not sure if I'm too picky, but that was just kind of weird how the movie makers just changed the whole scene and the roles, since it is kind of important ;) the scene doesn't even include so much as interrgorating Barty Crouch Jr. as to about what Voldemort was really trying to do.

weird for me. :eek:


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i found the scene weird also. Alz i think has a post about this somewhere...the bit where Barty Jr says show me yours and i'll show you mine, not sure of the exact quote, or who it was directed at, Snape or Dumbledore.
it could be foreshadowing in the books, but that is a major spoiler to put in there if the comment was made to Dumbledore.
i have to see the movie again when i get a chance. i am reading the book again at the moment, seeing what was missing, but the details of the movie are a little sketchy now, seeing as it has been a month since i saw it!
As was cleared up in the other thread, Crouch's statement of "Show me yours and I'll show you mine" was directed at Harry, concerning the wound he'd just suffered. Dumbledore pulls Harry over, exposes his wound and then Crouch shows his mark.. Case closed....

Dumbledore is NOT a DE.. If he were a DE, don't you think when LV came asking for a job, he would have been a bit more receptive to the idea?

As for the switching of roles, yes, I found it to be odd. They're taking too many liberties with the little details and confusing the original story as it was written in the books. My biggest gripe about GOF was the complete lack of Dobby and Winky. Dobby plays a critical role in the overall story and should have been included. Winky's absence totally screwed up the fact that we don't know who Crouch is until the end. Showing him with Womrtail and LV in the opening scene was stupid. I can't believe JKR is allowing them to change things so much. I loved the movie as a stand-alone product, but compared to the book it was very, very wrong.

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The thing I think shows Snapes loyalty is still to the order here, thought despite "looks" etc. is that he indeed gives Barty real veritiserum. (in the book and the movie) I think that a true loyal DE would have given Barty a fake potion. However this does bring up another conflict in the movie, in that after Snape gives the serum, Barty is also allowed to live, now knowing that Snape was loyal to DD.


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Vold. E. Mort said:
Dumbledore is NOT a DE..
He did say in GoF that Snape is no more a DE than him - well we know that Snape was a DE and we still have questions about the greater good of Snape ... just figured I would get that in here :D

BTW - semi agreed on the Dark Mark thing - although mine was more fun :D


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OK so in the movie what really confused me was that they completely left you hanging on Barty Crouch Sr. I mean u see him dead and it's never expained!! That bugged me!!!!!


I loved the movie but compared to the book so much was left out.

My hubby was very confused because in his opinion there was really no ending. No DD telling Sirius to line up the Order or telling Snape that he needs to become a spy again. I think that part was so crucial.