is dumbledore who we thought he was


Time Turners
is Rita skeetter telling the truth or is her quill talking for her? Did dumbledore really leave his sister to die? Was he really planning his rise over muggles wile he should have been watching over his sophmoric brother and his supposedly sick sister? well from my point of view,like Harry i am confused i do not believe dumbledore did these things .... I think he knew is an obvious connection with the things he left in his will for them. Rons came in to use to find harry and hermoine after he left them (after the argument).Those of us who know Ron know that he is very predictible i could have guessed he would have done something like this. so i am sure Albus would have known this!!!! Hermoine's came into use when she saw the sighn it sent her to the lovegooods wich lead them to the story of the deathly hollows....... Dumbledore knew all three of them all though threw out the books his focus was set on harry pottter he know there every move and he knew the things that they would do so i belive he left these things for them knowing that they would find the horux's and kills you know who ....


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I can't read half of this post because of the odd colored text, but I believe Dumbledore explained, (or maybe I read about it in JKR's last interview, who knows,) but Dumbledore left them the things that he did because he knew the trios individual character flaws and knew the things he left them would be of aid to them to do what they had to do.