Is it all relative??


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But dont you think it is 'corny' that it all boils down to a fight between the heir of Gryffindor versus the heir of Slytherin?
I mean - as I conceeded a few times above it does seem quite likely and yes there is a huge amount of evidence to it - but it just seems simplistic.
Anyone could ahve made that conclusion after reading CoS and it just seems so unlike JKR to force such information out there so early in the series - and it wasnt even really hidden - as you can see from your quotes it is right there ...

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Thing of it is, JKR has also said in many different interviews I have seen and read, that CoS has ALOT of clues and links to the ending. and the "only a true Gryffindor could have pulled that out of the hat" seems like a very telling clue. *thinking to herself that JKR must have chuckled while writing "pull it out of the hat" * :p