Is RAB Important?

Is RAB Important?

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Time Turners
What is Mr Borgin's first name? (Borgin and Burkes Dark art Supplies). Isn't there a connection between the Burke family and the Black family? perhaps we are barking up the wrong tree. Hey, I think I just put two puns in that last sentance.

Sir Cadogan

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...I will let you look over my exhaustive and boring post if you like; just please tell me what you think!
Hi serophis,
So here's what I think: I didn't find your post boring at all. Just read it through, and I completely agree with your analysis. - Well done.

Padma Patil

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I think that RAB is important. He may be able to help Harry defeat the other horcruxes. Of course, whose to say its a he... maybe its a she that we don't know about yet.


Time Turners
Thanks! Of course, it is possible that the changes made to the translation of Regulus Black's name to fit that of the initials in other languages may be a huge red now Jo knows that no matter what she does, even the smallest clues will be examined and reexamined thousands of times, and that any slightly obvious clue will be found out within a few weeks.

Is it possible that JKRowling is devious enough to investigate the spelling and initials of Regulus Black in other languages, simply to create a very long-researched red herring for us?

Not that I think that is so...I do believe Regulus is RAB, but it would still be one of the most well-though-out red herring hoaxes of the entire series.


Time Turners
Here is something I found in the dictionary about the name Regulus.

A Roman General captured by the carthaginians in the first Punic War, he is said to have been sent on patrole to Rome to negotiate peace but to have advised the senste against accepting the Carthaginian terms. On his return to Carthage he was tortured to death.

R.A.B became a death eater, sent by Voldemort to the cave, realized what this meant, knew it had to be destroyed. Took the locket to help stop the war. Returned to Voldemort to denounce his loyalty, and was tortured to death.