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SPOILERS ********

I thought maybe I will start this thread to congratulate the people who predicted things that come through correctly.
you can post the ones with your opinion. IMHO, the following were the best.

First of all my hearty congratulations to those who suggested Harry is a Horcrux. Absolutely brilliant. I must mention Alz's name here, because he started that speculation. Bravo mate.....

Secondly the diadem. A lot of people suggested that the diadem in RoR is a horcrux. That was downright brilliant. Great job to the fan who suggested it first, and also to those who followed up their support for it.

I think Snape theory also should be mentioned. A lot of people said Snape was a good wizard, and was working for DD. Those who recognized his true ID, good job.

For those who predicted RAB being Regulus Black, congratulations. Specially George. Because he predicted this even earlier....

Now I know that a lot of people will try to debate this, and jump all over me, but Dumbledore is Evil theory was just blasted by JKR. DH in the end proved that he was nothing but a noble wizard. He made mistakes in his young life, and then took every step to correct those mistakes, and finally sacrificed himself for the goodwill of Wizarding and muggle world.

I now would like to brag about a couple of things I predicted.
I stood very firmly against the theory that the Gryffin knocker on DD's office door was a horcrux. :p (jumping up and down like Dobby did in CoS)

I also stood against the theory that any Gryffindor object was Horcrux, including that Sword. I knew that Riddle didn't use any gryffindor objects for his horcruxes :p
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I was right that Snape more or less used the stopper of death to keep Dumbleodre alive for as long as possible. (It never said it was the stopper of death but whatever he used fell along those lines.)