It's a bit odd - Horcrux protection


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I am again listening to HBP, and a tidbit caught my attention this time around. ..

Dumbledore said he 'stumbled' upon the ring at the Gaunt's old hovel, and it had many protective spells on it, yet he has searched for the others and the elaborate planning around the locket is extremely different to 'stumbling upon' the ring.

is there a reason for the different levels of security? we know the diary had basically no protective spells, as Harry wasn't injured trying to destroy it...just nearly died fighting Tom Riddle trying to come back. (ie, had DD known the diary was a Horcrux before it possessed Ginny, would anything have happened like it did with the ring?)


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I think with Voldemort - as he grew and matured, so did the protections on the horcruxes ... also they kight have gotten more intensive as Voldemort created his final horcruxes ... knowing each time that if the ones before were found and destroyed by keeping one or two really well protected he would still ensure his survival ...
See I dont think Voldemort ever dared to go back to the horcruxes once they were placed ... maybe he felt someone might follow or watch him ... so he was happy to take his much improved magical abilities and apply it to the latter ones versus the early ones when he was still 'experimenting' with horcruxes and objects.
I think his final horcruxes were a lot more magically protected versus the protection for say his first 2 or 3 - as he improved so did the protections ...