July 18 Diary Update!!!


Tom Marvolo Riddle
Hello all!

Just checked JKR's website and there's a short statement for us all Harry Potter fans:
It basically says we are all very close to finding out all about DH and that we should ignore all the "spoilers" that are popping up online and whatnot. Furthermore, it warns to not spoil the enjoyment of others by revealing bits of information.
She says that soon, we'll find out about EVERYTHING!!!
So, go to her site and check out the entry for yourselves.


Time Turners
I really think this is the only site that is safe from spoilers. We all seem to be thinking and wanting the same thing, and if one of us was to post a spoiler, true or not and ruin this experience for the rest of us, is not a true Harry Potter fan and has little respect for the hard work JKR has dedicated to bring us such joy.

To be able to chat with all of you on this site has greatly enhanced my whole Potter experiance, and I am looking forward to the day we all return after we have each read the final book. Happy Reading!! :)


Sherbet Lemon
yup. I have stopped going to any other sites.
This is the only clean site and I love the structure here.
I will be here until the book come out, and then I will come back very next day to serve crow to those who failed to predict correctly. ....... :D

I just went to JKR's site and read that info.
It is an insult to a writer when the spoilers like these come out. But JKR's biggest benefit is, she got the truest and most loyal fans like us. We will make it easier for her. We will refuse to get spoiled. :)
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spoiled or not, leaked or not, she's still going to need about 4 more vaults at Gringotts to hold all her new gold.. I'm reading the one CNN is talking about (I'm on chapter 9 and plowing through it as fast as I can to find out how it ends), but it won't deter me from owning my books when they come out. I love HP, and even if I had JKR herself sitting here telling me the story in person, I'd still buy the books. Spoilers will not harm the sales of DH..


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Thanks Arwan & CC - I am going to try my best but have to warn you all - I am certain that the chapter titles and the first 500 odd pages of DH is out there and I am sure it would give some flake the greatest amount of perverse pleasure to come onto a site and post details.
I really would urge you all caution, I myself was caught today on seeing 4 of the chapter titles and I was not happy.
Best advice all - log off now and don't come back until you read the book, I know we would all read it no matter what, I know we would all swallow it if we got some information but it isn't fair - I want to find out in my own way and not have someone wreck that - if I want to find the chapter titles or indeed the scanned pages of the books, I will go out and look and find them - but I don't and no-one should force it on me!
I don't want people's lasting memories of the site to be the fact someone spoiled book 7 for them on it - because I would feel guilty I gave them the chance to.
Please all - exercise some caution out there!
You are wrong Alz, it's not the first 500 pages.. It's 500 FILES, most containing 2 pages per file. That's why I originally thought it was over 900 pages.. But, if you read the page number on the last file, it's 750-something.. The entire book is there. Spoilers can easily be avoided if you are just careful.. Put yourself in my shoes though: My wife has read the entire book 1.5 times now, and wants desperately to talk about it. I've told her to shut up more in the last 4 days than in the 10 years I've known her lol As I said before the photos were posted, I'd happily read the book for myself if I found it on the web, but I don't want to be told what happens. The only hint I'll give anyone about what I've read so far (on chapter 11 or 12 now) is that it is even more wonderful than I'd hoped.


Sherbet Lemon
My wife asked today that why am I not downloading the book from internet? So many people have done it.
My reply was," A person has invested her life into these books. She has given us fans a fine 10 + years of excitement. It can very well last 10+ years and more.....
Why waste it?
Sure the book is leaked, and so many sources have confirmed it, but then why contribute to this whole internet piracy? This same piracy is killing the interest of enthusiastic people. I will smile even if someone ran their mouth and spilled the beans on 21st while standing in line. Because I will know that I am a fan, and he/she is NOT." :)
So I'm not a fan because I'm reading the book early? Despite the fact that I've already bought and paid for (and had shipped, according to the email I got from Amazon lastnight) our 2 copies of the book?


Sherbet Lemon
You completely mis understood me.
I said the person who reads it early and spills all the beans for others, is not a fan.
You chose to read early. That is your choice. You are a fan, and a good one.
I would like to think that you wont tell us, or others what happens in the book.
ok, good, I did misunderstand. Sorry for snapping at you.. And you are right, the very last thing I'd ever do is blurt out something to ruin the book for anyone.


I did read all the chapter titles on the internet. I really wanted to see that much. plus I think the chapter titles don't always give good hints.

I have been a bit tempted to peek at spoilers but half the fun is waiting for the actual book and discovering it for yourself.

This and HPFWNL are the only sites I go to now, because I know neither will leak any info!


Tom Marvolo Riddle
I think that ANYBODY who has come to a forum such as this and accumulated a number of posts over so many months is a good fan.
Personally, I am honored to have been able to share my deep passion for Harry Potter and all things surrounding it with people as dedicated as I have met here. Now I'm off to post one last fanfic before DH comes out, and then, I, too, will be logging off to spare myself the pain of finding out the plot elements.
Thank you to all of you.