July Wizard of the Month


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Surprisingly, the July Wizard of the Month is Godric Gryffindor. He is leaning on his sword, tapping his fingers expectantly(?). Look closely----he has green eyes. Hmmm.


Time Turners
how sad am i but i checked first thing yesterday to see who it would be and you could have knocked me over with a feather when i saw it was godric!
he has quite beautiful red hair and beard, i noticed as well it is mentioned that he was a good dueller which made me think he is related to either harry or the weasleys
he is holding the sword and as previous wizards of the month have been shown with their horcrux object i am inclined to think maybe the sword is, but then the sorting hat is also mentioned, if it was once godrics and it thinks for itself...maybe it contains part of godric gryffindor's soul?

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Wow! I too could have been knocked over with a feather! I was so certain that Rowena Ravenclaw would be there . . . Just not sure what to think of it now . . . Did Riddle manage to make the sword a Horcrux after all when he was applying for the DADA job? I guess I just don't want to admit that DD might have missed that. But also . . . what does this mean for RR? that whatever her possesion is, is going to be the big mystery? is it the tiara? We've speculated on the vanishing cabinent possibly having been hers from the black and gold paint, but it seems . . . not too likely. I just don't know what to think!!! LOL!:eek:

I guess we've encountered the first twist of the final book already!

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I wonder where the sword was before Harry pulled it out of the hat.

There's no reason to assume it was in DD's office - although I've long thought that that was GG's office.

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i dont know about any one else, but is GG pretty simular to how you imagine (havent got the book so 'suse spelling) Scrigimore to look like,
a bit liony

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yes, that is a bit like I had first imagined Scrimjour (not certain I am spelling it right eitherLOL) of course, when we were given that discreption of a character prior to the book being released, we were all speculating that it WAS Godrick Gryffindor visiting (or being visited) through time. Well, of course we were wrong, it was Scrimjour! Can't help but wonder though if the similarities will come into play. Still I wonder what the unexpected appearance of GG instead of RR as wizard of the Month means . . . Is that telling us that the sword is definately NOT a Horcrux as DD told us (I guess we have to remember that JKR said we can always trust what DD and Hermionie say) With the mention of the hat though . . . does that bring it into likelyhood? JKR said that before the book comes out the true sleuths amoung us will know the identity and location of one of the mysterious Horcruxes . . . could it be? . . . . the sorting hat, in Dumbledore's/McGonagals office?


Well JK did say that Ravenclaw would have their day. Maybe something very important will happen regarding Ravenclaw!


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Interesting why Godric first - might this suggest there is something important about Ravenclaw which when we see her, will give something away.
I'm guessing either the description or picture will reveal something we arent suppose to see just yet!


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That exactly what I was thinking, that we got Gryffindor because Ravenclaw would give to much away. Ravenclaw will probably be Aug and we will all see her picture and go ahh!! The only thing that bothers me is the referrence to the sorting hat when Dumbledore was telling Harry about the Horcrux in HBP he said "the only known relic of Gryffindor remains safe", and pointed to the sword was there any other refference to Gryffindor being the first owner of the sorting hat. (not that I think the hat is a Horcrux I think Dumbledore would have checked both when he suspected that Voldemort was making them and using the other founders relics) It just seems weird that JKR mentioned it.

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this just really has me baffled . . . and to top things off, she hasn't even given us any more little clues like chapter titles, or a "random" paragraph to speculate on like she did in the last book! I'm betting that the tiara is Ravenclaws . . . almost has to be . . . otherwise why bring something like that up? (red herring maybe)

The sword and the hat . . . well she says the hat is out . . . DD said the sword was "safe" wondering specificaly just how DD has the sword to begin with . . . does it belong to the school? or does it belong to Dumbledore, and if so, through what channel, and is that so significant?

ugh! two weeks is such a long long time!!!!!