Lovegoods at Quidditch World Cup


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Yeah, they were! They'd been there a week already when Harry and the Weasley's arrived.
They had cheaper tickets (magazine musn't have been selling well in those days).

It is funny that they were mentioned and Luna shows up in Order of the Phoenix. Does this mean there a little hints everywhere, but they are just so small we miss them?


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You betcha!:D She loves to hide all her clues in the words themselves-and she's a genius at it. That's why you have to read the books backwards, upside down, inside out, get the idea:eek: The problem is that she is such a master at the english language that she also hides about 99 red herrings/to one real clue. Sorting them out from each other is the difficult part, although it seems in Book 6 she made it clear that the ones that run through all the books are the ones to investigate. Astrological clues, disguises/hiding behind, Double B's, silver, the living dead, 2's(pairs,doubles,twins),3's,7's, and 12's, circles, doors, time,hurt eyes,etc... these are clues that run through all 6 Books that have yet to be answered. Trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together is a sure-fire way to get a headache-but torturing ourselves is so much FUN!:D I always found it interesting that the Lovegoods live close to the Weasley's but have no idea what it means- that happens alot-LOL
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Good spot Kasher - we had a little discussion about this a while ago here where it was remarked upon the Lovegood living quite close to the Weasley's ...
Always thought Luna's late introduction was meant for greater things - alas she seemed rather quiet in HBP and then Harry got with Ginny - argghh :mad:

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I'm positive that there are countless things we will look back on after the final book and say. . . "I can't believe that was there all along!" just little bread crumbs sprinkled here and there. In a way. . . I don't think I want to find them all. . . If we find everything and have it all figured out. . . what is the fun in reading the last book?


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That is what is so wonderful about the books! They're a fantastic story on the surface to be loved by generations to come, and yet every page is loaded w/clues. She has done this in a way that hasn't really been done before because she hides them in the words themselves and as such the reader doesn't necessarily notice them except subconsciously. Unfortunately even when you feel like you're getting somewhere-Splat! You hit a major(sometimes minor) roadblock:D She has spun such a finely crafted web- it's impossible to untangle it all:D For puzzle lovers like me it is sure great fun to try!