Malfoy: Waring Hermione?


Time Turners
Yeah.. but hasn't jk already said no to the possibility. And as for Malfoy telling Hermione to run away... in my opinion it was him using reverse psychology. He probably thought that if he kept taunting her she wouldn't run away. I dunno it's just my opinion... I guess I just don't like the Hermione/ Malfoy possibility.


afraid of my own shadow
This could just be as basic as Draco not wanting to see anyone get hurt. Perhaps it is on his fathers orders...or a DE...snape...maybe....

I can see Draco falling for Hermione, but not the other way. It would be funny though.

He may be a jerk and other such unspeakable names, but he still has a concious, and I doubt he'd want anyone to get hurt when the DE are pretty much just having some evil fun.


Fair point because in the CoS, when the writing on the wall appears he says in the direction of hermione that the mudbloods will be next so that could mean that he was tryin to warn her