Malfoy's Owl


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Now why didn't this get picked up? I can't find it anywhere!!

Malfoy has his mail delivered by an eagle owl.

The owl in Harry's dream in GoF, the one he was soaring on, was an eagle owl.

That owl, I believe, was delivering some good news to Voldemort in Harry's dream (in Divination - you know the one!!) - 'He is dead'

Now, I know there could be more than one eagle owl, but to be specific with the breeds? No, there is a link there, I know there is!

What do you think? Is Malfoy (was Malfoy) in touch, secretly, with Barty Crouch Jr? Or something else...
Good point, oh gold star for you!!! I never saw that. Perhaps it is Lucius Malfoy in touch with Voldemort and he is sending directions to his son via, his owl.


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That is an interesting connection . . . good on ya! :D

So, Harry could be seeing something that happened or imagining that the Malfoys are somehow involved (I mean, we know they are, so it's not too far off!!).

I'm not sure how rare or common eagle owls are, but to have the breed mentioned twice like that is pretty odd. I have to think it was put there as a little clue as well . . .
Where else in HP and in the real world do we see eagles? The only one I can think of is the US national bird, but I doubt that has much to do with it.


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Umm - that is a cool connection!
I have never heard of an eagle owl before :eek:

It wouldnt be unheard of JKR to make a connection like that and hope someone picks it up - so if that is the case the gold star is deserved Kashlie :D


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Lucious uses the eagle owl to send Draco things at school, but also in his duties as a DE. We know he had an important part in capturing Harry and the prophecy, but I think there will be more to it later on. I really think Harry will make the connection and something will have to be done at the house of Malfoy (Spinners End?). Perhaps Lucious goes to Azkaban, but communication continues, therefore Narcissa would be implicated as a DE as well.
Draco could also begin to use the owl to communicate with his parents the goings-on in Hogwarts. Dumbledore isn't in to reading outgoing mail, so I doubt he'd suspect anything.
Basically I think the Malfoy's are far more important in Voldemort's return than I first thought.


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To add to the topic - I am still reading GoF (I know, I know, I've only got a few days left!!), and noticed that when Harry is in the castle watching Hagrid digging the ground up for the nifflers at their next lesson, he sees an eagle owl soar through the smoke in Hagrid's cabin, around the owlery and then down out of sight. Harry had just sent his package to Sirius from the owlery. But the eagle owl didn't stop in the owlery - it went straight to deliver some news, one might presume. I think it might have been delivering the news to Mad-Eye/Barty Jr. that his dad had escaped from Wormtail/Voldemort. It's not long afteward that he is found wandering out of the Forest . . . and Barty Jr. later tells everyone that Voldemort/Wormtail sent him word that his dad had escaped and they presumed he would be headed for Hogwarts. Could Voldemort/Wormtail have used the Malfoys' owl? Or is it a sign of a Dark Wizard to use an eagle owl?

Or is it all just coincidence? ;)