Mirror of Erised


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A lot has been suggested as to reasons that Dumblefore might have had for trusting Snape. And I know there is another thread on this, but it seems to have taken such a different direction, and the Mirror is going to be a big part of this question.

Could it be something as simple as Dumbledore knowing what Snape sees in the Mirror of Erised? When Snape doesn't know he is able to know this? In PS/SS, Dumbledore is able to know what Harry and Ron were seeing in that mirror, I am thinking that he was in the room invisible at the time. That might not be possible with Snape, BUT maybe there is some secret spell that Dumbledore could use to get the Mirror to show what it had shown of everyone who had been before it for a certain time frame. Kind of like a record/replay?

Maybe Dumbledore has kept it in a location where Snape would see it every so often to check up on him?

It's something that showed up in the first book, and since she says that she has always had everything pretty well planned since then, it really makes me wonder.

Is there any way that someone could 'fool' the Mirror of Erised? Am I missing something here? You can block your mind from another person, but could you block your hearts desire from this mirror?


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very interestign idea. and no, i dont think you can block your hearts desire form the mirror of Erised (desire backwards, so, mirror of desire). its like a boggart: it changes itself to show whatever will make the viewer most happy. you cannot block what you fear most from a boggart, because we are told that noone has seen what a boggart really looks like. so, that would mean no matter how good an occlumens you are, you cannot block a boggart from knowing what you fear most: because there are a number of good and bad occlumens, occlumency is not some rare and unknown gift, occlumens can be learned by anyone, and i am pretty sure hermione would have said something if there was a way of knowing what a boggart looked like. (well, moody may be the exception. i am not sure. i think he can see what a boggart really looks like because i think the boggart has to know it is being looked at and x-ray vision would exclude that. also, he is the only one we have encountered with a magical eye, which may very well be something he created, or possibly enhanced. we havent seen mush in the way of wizarding prothesis(sp?)) so, yeah, the mirror is kinda like the opposite of a boggart, showing you what makes you happy rather than what scares you. so i dont think ou can hide your hearts desire from the mirror.

as for the recording thing, i have no idea. also, i am sure Dumbledore knows what harry and ron saw because he was in the room when they were basically talking outloud for anyone to hear. they werent yelling, but they werent whispering i dont thik, so if dumbledore was there, he probably overheard. or deos he even know what ron saw? i forget. i know he knows what harry saw, but i am fuzzy on some of the details. been awhile since i read sorcerers stone.


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I have reread the portions of PS/SS that deal with the Mirror, and it seems that no one else can see what you are seeing in the mirror. He just tells Harry that he doesn't need a cloak to become invisible, and everything that he says about knowing what they were seeing could have came from the conversation that Ron and Harry had.

Quirrell could not see what Harry was seeing, and Harry and Ron could not see what each other was seeing.

Darn and it seemed like such a NICE theory.