Moonlight Signing announced on JKR's website


Time Turners
Theres a new item on The Daily News on JKR's website ( advertising the Bloomsbury/Scholastic HPDH Sweepstakes. JKR Herself will be holding an all-night book signing---calle "The Moonlight Signing"---on July 21 at the Natural History Museum in London for 1700 sweepstakes winners. 500 of them will be selected randomly to hear Her read from DH. Better tie an entry form onto the nearest owl quick!


Time Turners
For the US rules, regs, and entry are at
the Scholastic site says:
"Sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the United States who are under 21"

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Australia s doing it too but i dont know much info on it yet as it hasnt been released yet so when it is i will post it here unless someone does it 1st and yeah i know what you mean SPF i got 3 boys i could enter LOL :D