Most Precious ....?


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HBP Spinner's End said:
'That was not my fault!' said Bellatrix, flushing. 'The Dark Lord has, in the past, entrusted me with his most precious - if Lucius hadn't -'

The Dark Lords most precious - most precious what?
Notice Bellatrix never did finish that statement - but what could the Dark Lord have trusted her with what she considered him to hold precious?
We know that Voldemort doesnt hold that many things precious - so what could it be, could he have trusted her enough to let her know about his horcruxes or something of equal value to him?
There is no doubts that she really is every loyal to Voldemort and there are not that many in his group he can say that about!


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My first thought was the diary. Maybe Voldemort left the diary with Bellatrix, and somehow while she was in Azkaban, Lucius got his hands on it and passed it off to Ginny Weasley. It would make sense that her sister, Narcissa, would have access to Bellatrix's possessions while she was in the slammer. Lucius found it and used it to cause a little mayhem, not knowing what its true purpose was, but by her words, it seemed that Bellatrix might have known about the Horcrux all along, that is why she stopped her comment before she said something she shouldn't, and maybe that's why she appeared to have fallen out of favor with Voldemort.


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That is a good thought there Forte!
See what came to mind with me was in fact Horcruxes, I mean there isn't many things we know Voldemort holds dear and it would suggest it was some kind of object from Bellatrix's brief comments ...
The only other thing I could see being precious to Voldemort was Nagini - yet we never hear of her existence until GoF and he re-births, whatever the precious thing Bellatrix had would seem to suggest to be before Voldemort was ripped from his body.
Bellatrix did represent someone who was unfaltering in her allegiance to Voldemort, while other DE's tried all they could to escape Azkaban, she happily spent her time there and true to Voldemort.
As much as Voldemort doesn't appear to hold anyone dear, it was said by Dumbledore he gave Lucius the diary - so it is highly possible he may have given another one of his horcruxes - I should imagine Bellatrix would have really protected and cherished the object and it would be a lot safer than the one passed to Lucius!


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... most precious... horcrux??

Well, it has to be an object because seeing how 'precious' is an adjective, it has to be used to describe a noun. Now, what kind of object would be most important to Voldemort.. umm... maybe part of his soul? HORCRUX! I don't know if it would be the diary, I would say it would be the undiscovered and not destroyed horcrux... or maybe it's the locket? RAB - could it somehoe be linked to Bella?


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most precious...secrets/plans

however, Snape is Voldemort's most trusted, Bellatrix thought the was. I am sure others thought they were, or came close to it.
i don't think it means anything in particular, as i don't see bellatrix staying loyal, putting Voldemort above her family, despite what she says. If she did, Narcissa wouldn't be alive.
I see it as a figure of speech.

"You shot me in the........... Hey look, a duck!"

She simply cut herself off mid-thought. I think what she was referring to is as was stated. Voldemort's precious inner thoughts. These people not only fear and follow Voldemort, they worship him as well. They're the kind of fans that pay $5000 on Ebay for someone's gum or a porkchop bone...


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Given how important the prophecy orb was to Voldemort, that is deemed to be precious right?
Bellatrix was responding on behalf of the events in the DoM - she then goes on to almost blame Lucius for it until Narcissa cuts in ...
I think she felt that the prophecy was almost as dear to Voldemort as the 'thing' she had ...
Given what the two things are and the importance to Voldemort - I really do think she was holding a horcrux at some point!
She is extremely loyal, she has shown this in the past and also present - as such she would represent a great carrier of a horcrux if Voldemort so wished - and we know there was the diary he was willing to impart onto his servants ... I think she had that diary!

BTW - OT but couldn't resist due to Lily's post - RAB ..
Rodolphus Lestrange or Rabastan Lestrange - R
Avery - A
Bellatrix Black - B

Could the servants be uprising? :D
I just don't feel like he gave her a specific "thing" that was precious.. I don't see JKR taking such a direct swipe at LOTR with calling something "Voldemort's Precious"..


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LOL - you know it annoys the hell out of the die hard LoTR people to draw comparisons but there are some there and not because JKR is a lazy writer - more because we are talking about magical worlds!

I don't think JKR would have Bella as a better kept Gollum - I think that would be stretching the concept too far - well unless she really has a wicked sense of humour!

I think given the context of the argument and also her wording and her real loyalty to Voldemort - I can see her having held a Horcrux.
The thought did occur that maybe Voldemort had his most loyal guarding his horcruxes - they would have no idea what they were holding but I think he realised the danger and began the job of concealment. But early on, yeah I can see him giving these horcruxes to his people to guard and keep safe, and I am sure they really would have kept them dear and safe ... imagine the person they worship giving them an item and telling them it is a reward and really dear to them - they would be so gullible they would hold them and never let anything get near it - well unless you are Malfoy and don't want to be left holding a very dark and possibly implicating item!


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I started reading HBP again last night mostly to refresh before DH, and something Bellatrix said during her argument with Snape for some reason caught my eye which on my many previous reads was missed.

"The Dark Lord has, in the past, entrusted me with his most precious - if Lucius hadn't-"

Any ideas what Voldemort would entrust to Bellatrix, and what would be most precious to Voldemort?


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Re: Bellatrix

Hey Arwan

I added this into a thread I started on the topic some time ago - have a read of what we got so far and feel free to comment!


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Sorry Alz, My bad

At first I though perhaps it was the prophecy and that she was going on to blame Lucius. Then I got to thinking a Voldemort being a tyrrant and though he most likely gives little bits of info or things to many of his followers letting them believe that he felt they were most loyal to keep them loyal.


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That is a nice pick Alz....
I think though, it is just a line. I see the pattern JKR goes on, and I have started to realise that she is clever in dropping those.
Assuming that Voldemort likes to operate alone, and uses DEs as his pawns, I think that the hocruxes are hidden away from DEs. Even if he had one with Bella, he learned his lesson with that diary. He should have never given it to Lucious.

On the other note, Bella is one cracked witch....
Voldemort knows she is loyal, but he also knows that she is rash, and careless. He probably wont give her a horcrux to protect.


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Voldemort wasnt inclind to trust anyone - but when you look at some of his followers - blind faith and much more - I think he may have caved and I believe Bellatrix could have been of that quality.
She is what we call in the UK 'shot away' - no grasp of reality and I think Voldemort played to that if indeed he did trust her with it ... I reckon she would easily have died versus breaking and telling anyone!


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True.... She will never reveal the secret if she was forced to. Even if you torcher her, you are getting nothing out of her.
But she is to clumsy and rackless. And Voldemort knows it.
But then again, she is the only witch Voldemort cares for too. He actually came back to claim her in Ministry of Magic after possessing Harry. He had to come out in open, but he did it for her.
So I am kind of torn between two ideas. Maybe he has given her a horcrux, but not actually told her what it is.......
I dont know....... :confused: