Mr. Weasley Vs. Uncle Vernon: What Happened in Ch. 4?


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ok, i was just finished chapter four in my re-read of GoF and i noticed this:
GoF Chapter 4 said:
Aunt Petunia hurled herself onto the ground beside Dudley, seized the end of his swollen tongue, and attempted to wrench it out of his mouth; unsurprisingly , Dudley yelled and sputtered worse than ever, trying to fight her off. Uncle Vernon was bellowing and waving his arms around, and Mr. Weasley had to shout to make himself heard.

"Not to worry, I can sort him out!" he yelled, advancing on Dudley with his wand outstretched, but Aunt Petunia screamed worse than ever and threw herself on top of Dudley, shielding him from Mr. Weasley.

"No, really!" said Mr. Weasley desperately. "It's a simple process -- it was the tofee -- my son Fred -- real practical joker -- but it's only an Engorgement Charm -- at least, I think it is -- please, I can correct it --"

But far from being reassured, the Durselys became more panic-stricken; Aunt Petunia was sobbing hysterically, tugging Dudley's tongue as though determined to rip it out; Dudley appeared to be suffocating under the combined pressure of his mother and his tongue; and Uncle Vernon, who lost control completely, seized a china figure from on top of the sideboard and threw it very hard at Mr. weasley, who ducked, causeing the ornament to shatter in the blasted fireplace.

"Now really!" said Mr. Weasley angrily, brandishing his wand. "I'm trying to help!"
Bellowing like a wounded hippo, Uncle Vernon snatched up another ornament.

"Harry, go! Just go!" Mr. Weasley shouted, his wand on Uncle Vernon. "I'll sort this out!"

ok, i am wondering how Mr. Weasley plans on sorting this out!!!! from the looks of it, i dont think simple diplomacy will work, because it seems that uncle vernon is beyond talking. also, we see mr. weasley on uncle vernon, and a few lines after i ende dthis quote it says that mr. weasley blasts another ornament out of vernons hand. i was wondering, how do you think Mr. Weasley "sorted this out"?
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I just listened to that part this morning!
He says a little further on, that Dudley's tongue had reached a certain length before the Dursley's would let him put it right. I think the Dursley's realised if they wanted Dudders back to normal they would have to let the horrid Weasley man fix him.


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Quite right Kash the quote is;
"How big did his tongue get?" George asked eagerly.
"It was four feet long before his parents would let me shrink it!"
Poor Uncle Vernon having to admit defeat again!

I wonder why the Ministry did not make another attempt to charge Harry with performing under age magic? They did when Dobby performed magic in CoS. Perhaps they can tell the spells of qualified or registered wizards. The same happened in OotP when Harry's rescue party came to take him to Grim Old Place.


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Ah, another easily explained occurence!
Mr Weasley had the Dursley's fireplace added to the floo network for the afternoon, so the ministry were aware that a fully qualified wizard would be present at No 4 Privet Drive at that time.


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Not sure about that Kash. I get the impression that the connection to the floo network was not authorised and that still does not explain the visit of the advanced guard in OotP.

GoF said:
"Er - yes - sorry about that," said Mr. Weasley, lowering his hand and looking over his shoulder at the blasted fireplace. "It's all my fault. It just didn't occur to me that we wouldn't be able to get out at the other end. I had your fireplace connected to the Floo Network, you see - just for an afternoon, you know, so we could get Harry. Muggle fireplaces aren't supposed to be connected, strictly speaking - but I've got a useful contact at the Floo Regulation Panel and he fixed it for me. I can put it right in a jiffy, though, don't worry. I'll light a fire to send the boys back, and then I can repair your fireplace before I Disapparate."


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It seems that the Ministry only watches wizards they think are necessary to watch - Harry, mostly. I'm sure it is mentioned that Hermione practices spells over the summer and that's why she's so good when they all get to school and Lily was supposedly making teacups into toads, but JKR has said that Petunia was probably exaggerating on that count.

I think that the Ministry (or certain members in the Ministry) were purposefully trying to catch Harry doing anything - remember when even Arthur was surprised that Harry gets the full hearing for just a bit of magic? Someone/some people want him in trouble and gone and I bet we can guess who!

Back to the topic at hand - I think that Arthur probably either just fought Vernon off until they relented or he used some sort of calming charm on him until Petunia probably said that they better let Arthur do his magic - I'd bet almost anything it was Petunia who gave in!

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Boing said:
I'd bet almost anything it was Petunia who gave in!
I agree, and I think that it likely that had neither of them agreed, Arthur would have stunned them so he could put things right, released the spell when he was finished, and aparated away.

Kool that you 2 are nearly with me in my re reading(listening) schedule. I just finished PoA this morning, and was going to start listening to GoF this afternoon, but the audio book I bought on ebay 1 1/2 weeks ago hasn't come yet . . . been bad weather here though so ground mail may be running very behind:(

I agree that the Ministry has been "picking" on Harry quite a bit when it comes to watching for the little slip ups. I believe Harry tells someone in the ministry at some point about someone there giving LV insider info, in OotP I think . . .


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I think this whole scene is just another example of the Weasley's stirring up/making trouble for Harry. These people are no good, and we are just a few months away from finding out exactly how devious they all are.


i wonder if Mr. Weasley had to stun them to get things right again!

Jimbo I would love to see you post a thread on why you don't trust the Weasleys!
(Has it something to do with the name Weasley?)


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I have nuthing against the weasleys, in fact, i love them. they treat harry as if he is one of the family! hoe could anyone hate them?

i started this thread because i wonder how Arthur got the dursley's to allow him to reverse the effects of the ton-tongue toffee. after all, Vernon is a notorious wizard hater, as is Petunia. not to mention Vernon was in a whirling rage and Petunia was histerical. so, the dursley's were not in their right minds, and so, how did Arthur get them to allow him to reverse the spell?


Yes I love the Weasleys too.

I am just interested in why they may not be trusted. I love a good theory!

Anyway I bet Mr Weasley had to either stun Dudley and maybe Vernon in order to put things right. If they were so hysterical I can't see them being reasoned with.


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I will put together something soon. I admit I have been posting my signature based on gut instinct, but I am compiling a nice bit of evidence. I want my ducks in a row before I make anything "official'.
"In GoF before entering the hall for the ball, Ron requests 'Kil me Harry!"