Neville as the chosen one


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Just for fun, I thought we could retell the story had Neville been the chosen one. Any thoughts on how you think the events would have unfolded, if at all.

ie: would his mother or father die for him, would james and lily be tortured. Things like that if the two boys were reversed.


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For one thing, Snape never knew Alice and would have happily stuck with VM without thinking twice.

P.S. Arwan:
Absolutely excellent concept by the way

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Well, strictly as a "what if" since I agree with claymore that things would not have unfolded the same way since previous circumstances and family situations would not be the same.

I think first, that Gran would have been killed somewhere in the tumult on the fateful night. Nevil would have had to have been left an orphan. Of course, Alice would have had to sacrifice herself . . . perhaps Voldemort would have given her the chance to step aside due to her pureblood status? Possible I guess. Thing is . . . with the family being all purebloods, there would still be magical relatives to raise Nevil. Could the "Chosen one" have been the same raised as a wizard instead of being raised clueless by muggles?

Let us assume Dumbledore chose for Nevil to be raised by a Squib cousin in the Muggle world. Nevil's cousin detested him because he envied the magical abilities, and tried (as the Dursley's) to squash any emerging magical abilities. Likely this cousin would have also atempted to hide or prevent Nevil from getting his Hogwarts letter.

Nevil arrives at Hogwarts in the same state of awe and wonder we saw with Harry. Now, up for grabs is who Nevil becomes real close friends with. Who would this trio consist of? would it stay with Hermionie and Ron, assuming that Harry being raised by wealthy happy parents may have indeed become as arogant as Snape has acuesed him of being?

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If Neville had been marked as V's eaual, then raised in the wizarding world, when he arrived at Hogwarts, he would either be a completely arrogant (though still ubskilled) prat - maybe with shades of Lockhart - or an overpressured 'child star', with pushy parents.

Hrry, if raised by James, would probably be a lot less humble than we see him.